Random notes and strawberry finches

I came across this on social media this morning and I have to say it made me happy!! Who had ever heard of strawberry finches? Not me!

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Flowing words inhibited by distractions

It was about a year and a half ago when I wrote extensively about midlife invisibility, seeking self-worth and all sorts of topics on writing including mantras like if not now, when.

I set goals. I set the path toward my goals in motion. I trekked along, tripped and stumbled occasionally, but more or less, things seemed to be propelling forward, albeit at a relatively slow pace.

But still, I could see the path behind me getting a little bit longer every time I looked.

Then, I fell off the proverbial horse. Right into a mud puddle, flanked by dirty snowbanks.

This is where I’m sitting right now, all muddy, wet, cold and uninspired. Unmotivated. Unfulfilled. Continue reading “Flowing words inhibited by distractions”

Lingering effects of endless distractions

The Weather Network on TV is having so! much! fun! with all of our weather woes here in North America at the moment. It’s quite amusing to sit on my couch with my coffee and watch them explain, over and over again, what to do and not to do because of the dangerous wind chills, and the snow, and the ice, and all the rest of it. Continue reading “Lingering effects of endless distractions”

12 minutes

Depending on your point of view, 12 minutes can be a long time, or a short time.

For instance, if you’re cooking and following a recipe and it tells you that the food should cook/steam/boil/roast for 12 minutes, you can probably adjust this a little. Spaghetti sauce, soup or stew has never tasted worse when cooked for longer than 12 minutes, is what I’m saying (and no, I don’t recall a recipe actually saying you should cook sauce for 12 minutes….but just bear with me here for a sec). Continue reading “12 minutes”