For the record…

…they ate all the Mexican beef last night while I returned to the porch with my spritzer for a bit.

“…making love to his tonic and gin…” (Billy Joel, Piano Man)

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If it takes a fight then so be it

I made them dinner last night even though their dad wasn’t coming home to eat. Typically on those days, I let them fend for themselves or throw together leftovers.

Making dinner was relatively easy as I had pizza dough in the fridge, a foresight from two days ago to double the recipe. I am the queen of recipe-doubling! Ask me how many packages of ready-to-eat Mexican beef, pasta sauces, or meatballs I have in my freezer. 🙂

While I rolled out the dough I made them sweep, vacuum and de-clutter the entire open concept area around me. Continue reading “If it takes a fight then so be it”

Stretching meat to feed a hungry family

There are days when they barely eat what I cook.

Did you know tweens are fickle?

Teens too. 🙄

They want to eat meat, and meat is expensive, especially reputable meat (pasture raised, for example), so I gotta get creative here.

Today, I started with ground beef.

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Back at school: lunch time, junk food and mom’s home-cooking

Every day they want to eat dinner. Right?

This means someone’s gotta cook. That would be me. Good thing I don’t mind cooking, most days…

The other day my mom was telling me she was out at lunchtime. She noticed long lineups at fast food joints located around some schools. She looked closer and it was all middle school and high school kids, waiting in line for a burger and fries, or some such junk.

She was astonished and so am I. I mean, I know kids buy food at these places, but every day at lunch?

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Cooking with cauliflower: will they eat it?

Once again I made another casserole.

This time it was with rice, chicken with Mexican spices, and cauliflower. Sprinkled with cheese on top, because everything tastes better with cheese on top!

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Sheet pan suppers: will they eat it?

What’s for dinner?

Every day they want to eat. Long gone are the days where I popped a bag of popcorn, poured a glass of wine, and called it a night. 🙄

It seems everyone and their grandmother is talking about sheet pan suppers. There’s pictures galore on the internet, and I finally decided to jump on that bandwagon, too. Continue reading “Sheet pan suppers: will they eat it?”

Rice casseroles: will they eat it?

I am shamelessly stealing the ‘will they eat it’ idea from Andrea here because 1) it’s a great idea for a blog post and 2) who doesn’t constantly think and worry about dinner? And what’s more, is the effort of making dinner going to be appreciated, and actually eaten, by the minions in your house?


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