When things set you off

Sometimes you just gotta type out your frustrations…am I right?

In my defense, the PMS gods are striking so that’s my excuse. 😇

Anyway, this is what has got my panties in a knot last few days:

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Healthy(er) eating in time for spring

Sam inspired me today. (Well he often inspires me but today I actually ended up doing something about the inspiration…) 🙂

He lives in Michigan which isn’t too far away from where I live, across the border, so we experience similar weather. As he said, this winter was brutal…but signs of spring are finally, slowly, emerging if the constant gushing of water out of our basement sump pump is an indicator at all. I mean, there was a LOT of ice and snow that had to melt and seep into the soil (and basements)…

We waterproofed the house a few years ago (and are still paying for it) but we have a dry basement. At least the teen’s PS4 is safe…😂


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Uneventfully eventful

Monday morning started off a little weird. It was a holiday so there was no school for the kids. Another day to sleep in sounded lovely after I finished watching the Walking Dead the night prior… That show always leaves me distracted. I can’t fall asleep immediately after, know what I mean? Continue reading “Uneventfully eventful”

Easter, and starting a new health focus

On Saturday while out getting regular food to see us through the weekend I picked up some Skiddles filled eggs to hide for the kids.

I did this because I’m an idiot. We need more sugar in this house like we need another hole in our heads. Continue reading “Easter, and starting a new health focus”