No sparks of joy here while decluttering

After spending a few days in my mom’s clean house, I came back to mine and was overcome with a need to declutter and deep clean. No time like the present! (Ugh. I hate when I say stupid shit like that…)

Of course my return home was not smooth and uneventful. As I said yesterday, the look around the place had me suffer a conniption which catapulted me into action, so at least that. Right? Continue reading “No sparks of joy here while decluttering”

Spring break: lack of motivation, a birthday, and a lot of couch sitting

I’m utterly unconcerned about the piles of crap all around me because it’s March Break here. This means no school for the kids, although my husband is still working. College Spring Break, aka Reading Week, was last week, so it didn’t coincide with the elementary school break this week.

Whatever. It’s not like we can get away what with hockey championships underway…

But it is spring break. Daylight savings time has sprung forward. We lost our precious hour of sleep. Spring is coming, I suppose…(Maybe not. There’s half an inch of fresh snow outside today.) Continue reading “Spring break: lack of motivation, a birthday, and a lot of couch sitting”