Short story: The challenge – part 2 (erotic romance)

Disclaimer: subject matter may not appeal to all

The challenge – part 1 – it makes more sense if you read this first.

Sabrina stared at her phone, wondering if she should respond to the flood of incoming texts from Melanie, her friend who had hosted the party on the weekend.

< Call me back > the texts urged Sabrina. < Do you have time now? Let’s chat. >

But Sabrina hesitated. If she gets into a phone call with her best friend, she’s bound to get caught up in a lengthy conversation. Mel had a way of pulling things out of her that she wasn’t always ready to explore out loud. Sometimes her friend’s insistence made her feel flustered and overwhelmed.

Sabina scrolled around her phone a little more, procrastinating her inevitable response. She always ends up calling Mel back, it’s practically a given. Today, though, she’s a bit more hesitant than usual. Nick was on her mind, and had been ever since that conversation they had in the car after the party.

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Pondering pseudonyms and alter egos

Would it surprise you to read I have never listened to a Beyoncé song? I mean, on purpose. Her music is played here and there and everywhere, so she’s kind of hard to miss. 😉

Typically I’m a classic rock kinda gal, with some 80s and 90s soft rock or even a bit of pop thrown in.

I mention Beyoncé because a friend of mine brought her up the other day. Actually, she referred to her as Sasha Fierce. I had to google this name. I didn’t know what she was talking about.

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Developing a stand-alone story into more

A little while ago I released a short story on this blog as an experiment.

The story Stalemate (part 1) (1200ish words – under 10 minute read) was a stand-alone piece of fiction I created in which I explore character development in a romantic setting. If you’ve read it you will have noticed I deviated away from the standard romance genre…nothing Harlequin about my writing style. ☺

My aim was to write a sexually charged preamble, without actually delving into any sort of resolution. There was no happy ending, no steamy sex, no contact at all.

I wanted to create an introspective analysis of the protagonist as she reacted to a man who causes her much emotional turmoil. Basically, it was (supposed to be) about building tension between the two opposing characters.

I think I succeeded.

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