The night leading up to Saturday started out fine, with an early bedtime and some reading material. Right? It’s nice when they’re out at hockey and I can be alone for a small amount of time…

But around 1am, I found myself tossing and turning, trying to get comfortable and not succeeding. My neck was bothering me on my left side, I just couldn’t find a position that soothed the pain.

A bit later I realized it was actually a headache that was keeping me awake, probably coming from that stiff muscle in my neck.

By 2am I knew I was done.

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Uninspired in the kitchen: flourless peanut butter cookies

Lately I have not felt very creative in the kitchen. Cooking has been more of a ‘they gotta eat before activity’ than ‘let’s try this out, it looks fun to make’. Baking is on the back-burner anyway what with all the sweets in the house from Easter still. Beside, I have a kid who likes to bake, so usually I pawn that off on her…

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