Just Do It

This morning I’m mentally and emotionally preparing myself for the inevitable.

I’ve been prepping my brain all weekend in between trips to outdoor and indoor rinks, as well as ‘wet’ rinks (pools) 🙃 to accept the fact that Monday will be the day to make it happen.

It has to happen today. No matter what.

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Irks and irritations at big box store: adventures at Costco

If you read here then you know that going to Costco with my family is hazardous to my health.

Which doesn’t explain why I asked the husband (but not the kids) to join me this morning.

He said no, he had a prior engagement. Which is just as well because I wanted some alone time to think and reflect on my list and mentally prepare for playoff season while browsing that store.

But of course, I had to have an adventure. Albeit a minor one, but it still irritated me. Continue reading “Irks and irritations at big box store: adventures at Costco”