Christmas Eve gratefulness

I’m cleaning.

They said they’d get it done before Christmas Eve when I asked them yesterday and the day before and the week before that.

It’s Christmas Eve and it’s not done.


Welcome to life with teens. 🙃

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No sparks of joy here while decluttering

After spending a few days in my mom’s clean house, I came back to mine and was overcome with a need to declutter and deep clean. No time like the present! (Ugh. I hate when I say stupid shit like that…)

Of course my return home was not smooth and uneventful. As I said yesterday, the look around the place had me suffer a conniption which catapulted me into action, so at least that. Right? Continue reading “No sparks of joy here while decluttering”

Beware the junk drawer

As usual, today began with me looking for something.

Typically I start with the junk drawer.

Naturally, I couldn’t find it. I have long forgotten what it is, but it no longer matters. Because once I realize I’m not going to find the elusive it, I stopped looking.

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Collision course: end of summer, beginning of hockey and back to school

Back to school is on everyone’s mind, but in some places, school started already.

My extended family in Switzerland had their first day of school this week.

In Germany I believe the first day of school is next week.

Some of the southerns States appear to have had their first day of school in mid August already. Hope they have air conditioning down there in the school systems…

harvest basket

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