Muddy puppy and missing bacon*

*Ironically, these two events are not related. 🙂

Mid-afternoon on Christmas Eve, I let the puppy out for a pee in the backyard.

It was muddy. Cool and wet, but not cold and frozen.

After a while I wanted to let puppy back in. But he didn’t come when I called. I opened the back door and looked for him. There he was, at he back of the yard, digging up the rhubarb.


How come no one told me Beagles are diggers? There are so many holes in my yard…

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Snapshots on a cold Friday

Today I realized I failed at numerous goals I’ve set for myself for December, namely in the eating and drinking department.

For instance: I am drinking less water than I need to in order to flush out all the carbs and sugar I seem to be stuffing my face with lately. Continue reading “Snapshots on a cold Friday”

Thoughts about gift giving, writing and She Sheds

To be quite honest, I don’t really believe in this whole gift giving thing at Christmas anymore. Sure, let the kids have some presents, but for myself, I honestly don’t need or even want anything.

Which doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate the token. I’m just saying, save your money. 🙂 Continue reading “Thoughts about gift giving, writing and She Sheds”