Current state: cake-less and reclined

At least I’m reclined outside in the sunshine. And, I’m directing, vocally across the hallway into the kitchen, my tween girl’s cheesecake baking efforts. 🍰

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Kids and virtual friendships

Here is proof that I put my week-long depression behind me with a recent selfie taken this morning. See? I’m upright, showered, dressed, awake.. 🙄

Does this look like a person who has not eaten any chocolate today?? 😂😂😂😛

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Lockdown Easter lunchtime

Continuation of Easter morning

We seem to have a problem with our guinea pigs.

Guinea pigs Nugget and Oreo with their trusty owner Girl Child.

After we feasted on our Easter breakfast, everyone went off to do their own thing.

I was sitting on my bed trying to finish reading an ebook that is due today. Since someone else had put it on hold it will disappear from my phone tonight and I’m only half-way through.

Anyway, my girl comes in and interrupts me. I look up and ask her what’s up. Continue reading “Lockdown Easter lunchtime”

What happens when you visit people during the pandemic

Yesterday, I decided to drop off a few things at my parents’ place 30 minutes west of my home.

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Pandemic cooking – stretching few ingredients into a family meal

Yesterday I taught my 12 year old how to make a full meal for a family of 4 with a frugal ingredients list. Continue reading “Pandemic cooking – stretching few ingredients into a family meal”

More creativity out of my pandemic kitchen

So we’re keeping sane being under house arrest. Mostly by doing creative things. Like cooking. And art. And perfecting the art of Call of Duty gaming. (I don’t know…ask a teenager.)

Rice and corn casserole topped with cheese. Missing, greens…

It’s funny, really, I read about lock-downs in many places across the globe and they’re all talking about school work being assigned to children.


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