My daughter had a friend bleach half her head and then dye it a pinkish hue. Don’t ask me about teenage girls I don’t know anything. 😀 (PS I like it and I like her creativity…) 🥰

She makes me reflect back on my shyness at that age. I’m so glad she feels comfortable to experiment a little with things like this. The pandemic in this province has robbed her of several major milestones… This is her way of having a little fun.

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Diversions, distractions…the new normal has begun

Alright, it appears many people will be staying home either for precautionary or enforced reasons. Which means, the internet will be booming.


We need our daily fix, our online entertainment, especially now. I don’t know how long people can binge-watch over a period of two, three or more weeks, especially with the weather finally changing a little, for the better (at least here in Toronto).

I hope wifi becomes an essential service… 😀

I for one prefer reading (and writing) to watching shows. But I suspect I will be watching some shows, just for a change of pace…

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Alone in a coffee shop at night

There is a coffee shop in Canada called Tim Horton’s (Tim’s for short) that is ubiquitous with hockey families. Often, you will find a Tim’s near a rink, especially older arenas. Actually, there are Tim’s everywhere in the city, including near schools, churches and on every street corner.

I’m currently sitting in such a Tim’s on this snowy, Sunday night.

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Early seasonal spirits – lights on a string

Because of the recent snowfall and the much colder temperatures, I have been hit with a Danish phenomenon:


Translation: a Danish and Norwegian word for a mood of coziness and comfortable conviviality with feelings of wellness and contentment. (Wiki)

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This NaNoWriMo thing…

…is irking me a bit. And I will complain about it in a minute 😛 but first, I wanted to share a couple of photos I took on the way to the polling station. Because…today we vote for a new federal leader, and my polling station was next to a college campus and I tell you, the colours and scenery were absolutely breathtaking. I walked the 25 min round trip and stopped to snap some photos.

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