About my beads: lava rocks, rose quartz

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As you may know I’ve been designing beaded jewelry. Lately, I’ve become fascinated with lava beads featured heavily in my recent designs. I ordered some kits and experimented with mixing lava rock, rose quartz, agate, howlite, glass and medal beads together into simple but unique designs.

It might be worth noting I never heard of lava beads before. Turns out many people haven’t.

So here is a description of some the specialty beads I use in my designs, simplified.

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Side-hustle: beaded jewelry update

The other day I saw a young lady I follow on social media. She posted a selfie on instagram.

Imagine my surprise when I saw her wearing one of my bee pendant necklaces! Her mom had bought a bunch of my jewelry which I shipped to Texas and lo, her daughter was wearing it while on social media.

So happy she liked it! ❤

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