The true meaning of friendship

The other day I left a comment on Snippets of Snapdragon’s blog. She said something about not having a lot of friends, which is interesting but not uncommon to read here in our personal blogs.

This is how I reacted:

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Tarot Tuesday – The World, The King of Swords in reverse, and some crystal talk

I finally organized my tarot table in my room aka sanctuary and I am so very happy to have a designated space to sit and mediate, read tarot cards, or just be pensive and contemplative.

Check it out!

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About Writer of Words etc 2022

Back in 2018 I wrote a long list of 49 facts about me. Many are still true, but others not so much. So I wrote a new version for 2022.

One thing I came across while researching my old About page was this post: The least interesting thing about me. 😀

It earned 60 likes and many comments. Some of you posted your least interesting thing about you in the comments, remember Justine, Cheryl, Michael, Walter, nananoyz, bereavedsingledad, SwingedCat, Matt, LA, Deb, Ashley, Rivergirl, Angie, Teresa?

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Writing based on prompts with or without emojis

The other day I read a bunch of post by bloggers who joined Bloganuary.

Essentially, they are fed a topic each day during the month of January which inspires bloggers to write something on that day’s topic.

I didn’t join.

I admitted this on LA’s blog in the comments when SwingedCat accused me pointed out that I like emojis.

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Single men and the women they choose – follow-up

Firstly, thank you for commenting on the original post. 🙂

I think my intention was misinterpreted by some, so I hereby give you a short, in-depth analysis/elaboration/explanation before delving deeper into this topic.

Here’s the quote I referred to before:

Men tend to choose women who will make them look good to other men.


Reminder: this isn’t my quote. I read it somewhere and paraphrased it because I couldn’t immediately find the source article.

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November is for reading Music Lovers

About two years ago I wrote a romantic story with an erotic edge called Music Lovers. I posted some of the chapters on another blog as the story developed in my head which gave me an opportunity to experiment with character and plot development as well as the tricky methods of writing sensual sex scenes.

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