Happy tail syndrome

I’m dog sitting Reya, a mutt with most likely some Doberman in her. She’s bigger than Tucker the Beagle, about the same age (around 3, 4) and a rescue.

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No such thing as a dull moment (when you have a Beagle)

I was going to title this post death but then figured some of you might have a heart attack and I don’t want that on my conscious so I had to think up something more clever.

As a matter of fact, I am typing these words with the title space still empty because I have no idea what to name this post. By the time I publish it though it’ll have a title, it’ll be filed under categories and even have some tags too.

Despite all of this nonsensical nonesense in my preamble, I’m going to talk about death anyway.

Not people death.

Animal death. 😐

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