That troublesome minute continued

Remember yesterday’s Tucker shenanigans? As predicted, they are continuing today. (I really need to work on my positive manifestations… Sometimes I wonder if I’m creating my own puppy shenanigan reality) 😛

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Sleeping arrangements, puppy drama and other mayhem

I’m trying to get my oompf back to write, come up with a subtitle for my second ebook, finish editing, and it’s not working.

So blogging it is. At least my fingers are typing.

I’m typing this at my mom’s house. I arrived here with girl and dog in tow shortly before lunch.

Welcome to my room aka office.
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A quick update and some questions for you

I have two half-posts ready for Tarot Tuesdays but they sound odd. They are not ready to publish. I may skip this week and get back to my scheduled Tuesday series next week.

I also have another post almost ready where I complain about a comment Penny made on The Big Bang Theory. It hit a nerve. Allow me to give you a glimpse: old people are ugly.

Ya… no. I’m not in the right mood to address this comment today. 😛

AND, I have a lovely photo post almost ready to publish describing my first venture out to lunch at an outdoor patio. That happened last week when I spent six days with mom in the suburbs. On a whim, we decided to go to the old part of town and have pizza. They renovated the entire downtown along the Lakeshore, and it was really cute to go wander around and find a place to have lunch after the excruciating 16+ months of being locked up like inmates.

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Beagle shenanigans: a new update

When I returned home from visiting my mom I discovered that the naughty puppy had dug three fresh holes in the new lawn.

New being a relative term; it was new last year. The weeds have already started growing back in so it doesn’t look as new as it did last year anymore.

And with the holes now?

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