Outdoor youth sports and the weather gods

I spend half of baseball season tethered to my phone or some other device where teamsnap is loaded into.

This year’s baseball season has been a particularly wet one so I have spent more, not less time, keeping an eye on that app.

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Interrupted weekend morning

Instagram is down. Again.


Sometimes I don’t care about that app, but I had a fun outing yesterday and posted stuff and I wanted to see if anyone cared.

Perfect time to sit with IG is during morning coffee on a weekend when no one *needs* breakfast or packed lunches. Like right now.

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More on Instragram: creepy followers

I joined Instragram a month ago in order to keep a closer eye on the kids while they play on various apps. You can read the post here. This is a follow up post on my experience so far.

* * *

There are weird men following me on Instagram. Continue reading “More on Instragram: creepy followers”

Mastering the to-do list: electronic apps, or paper?

I have a to-do list in Keep, a Google app that lets you take your list with you if you install it in your phone.

Handy dandy, I thought while clicking the icon to download it.

And it is. If you use it, that is.

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