To resolve or not resolve

People tend to resolve, and reflect, at the end of the calendar year. This is not a bad practice to get into, and for people who blog, or keep a journal, people who run businesses and need goals and projections to move forward, this is all part of it. We mark an ending, or a new beginning, by looking back before we look forward. Continue reading “To resolve or not resolve”

Break-time, and I can’t wait for it to get here

There are three points that punctuate the life of a stay-at-home parent of school-aged children, as far as I’m concerned:

  1. The beginning of a school year
  2. The end of the first term just before the Christmas break
  3. The end of the second term just before summer vacation

We are currently smack-deep in the second point  – the end of the first term leading up to winter break, aka Christmas vacation. And just like the other two points, there is a general feeling of ‘can’t wait for it to get here’. Continue reading “Break-time, and I can’t wait for it to get here”

Monday morning grief

This morning, my partner says to me “will you do a white wash today?”

Why, was my response. Oh, he doesn’t have any more of those white tshirts he sometimes wears.

I do a quick check in the drawers to reassure myself that it’s not possible he’s out of undershirts, expecting a disarray of tshirts mixed up with other clothing, and I see neatly folded non-white tshirts and an empty spot where the white tshirts are usually stowed.

Oops. Continue reading “Monday morning grief”


Every once in a while I think to myself that whiling away at the internet is a preposterous waste of my time. I wish I had something constructive to do (on the internet) that wasn’t random googling or reading or blogging about ridiculous topics. I want to do something interesting but the words to write don’t seem to come out. But what to do, especially on a rainy cold day, while the dish- and clothes washers are humming along, and the crockpot emits savory scents throughout the house?

I fill out surveys.

And what’s more, I get paid for them. Continue reading “Surveys”

The case for the Bento Box style school lunch

Lunch, like homework, is such a preoccupation for today’s parents of school-aged children, it’s like a second job. Or, I mean, third job what with homework policing already taking up the second job category…

But I will say this. I DEFEND the bento box.

Now, having said that, I don’t mean the cutsie, colour-coordinated, pinnable bento boxes that are all over the web. I certainly don’t cut food into animal shapes, or purchase a lot of fancy (aka expensive) containers that will just get stolen or lost or crushed or thrown out.

bento box lunch
source: google search in images ‘bento box lunch’

Continue reading “The case for the Bento Box style school lunch”

On homework

One of my biggest parenting changes has been school. Specifically, the homework side of things has been a front burner preoccupation for me since almost the very beginning of their entry into the education system. Just today I saw a post by Rebecca Cuneo Keenan on facebook where she mentioned that dreaded past-time we all live alongside our children: homework, with a nice hashtag (#downwithhomework). She has a huge response to that post because face it, homework is not going to go away anytime soon for most of us.

(I wrote a comment in that thread under my previous blog name Javamom Javaline.)

I just don’t understand what is going on. I want to be clear: the teachers and schools the kids are enrolled in is not what I’m complaining about. I’m also not complaining about the amount of homework my kids get. At grade 3 and grade 5 Extended French Immersion, my kids have plenty of free time for the all-important free play, organized activities and downtime that is so essential to childhood.

But here’s the thing. When homework does come home, it immediately becomes a struggle. Why is that? Is it because my own expectations are different from the kids’ expectations? Continue reading “On homework”

When children become teachers

Children are great teachers, aren’t they? I mean, they are when we actually notice.

I find we often miss the lessons they teach us by the sheer fact that these things usually happen at the most inopportune times. Like when we’re in the car battling traffic to make it to the rink on time and one of them decides to educate me with an enlightening story about some complicated social thing he witnessed at school. Too bad I’m trying to avoid an accident and can’t hear all of his words way at the back of the van… Continue reading “When children become teachers”

The endlessness of making dinner every single day

So I said yesterday I was going to do this thing, posting in November for NaBloPoMo. Which means I gotta come up with fodder to blog about. Which got me thinking about…food. (Well, I am currently shoving food into my face…be that as it may.)


For a household without allergies, I still spend an inordinate amount of time preoccupied with food. Hats off to those families who have to deal with highly allergic children – my own niece has a serious egg and tree-nut allergy, so I have some idea how cooking for special needs people has to be approached.

But here’s my thing: there’s always someone that has a special need, preference or peculiarity, even in an allergy-free home. Continue reading “The endlessness of making dinner every single day”

I am a SAHM and I have no MOJO, so I should do the NaBloPoMo

I seem to do the same thing every single day.

I create lists. I make food. I eat food. I run out of food. I shop for food. I parent kids. I do all the laundry and it still is never done. The dishes…dirty ones, clean ones, dirtier ones…they will be the end of me.  (Note to self: create a new list of chores for kids to do regularly, not just sporadically, or *later*.)

Suddenly, it’s time for them to come home from hockeyringettegymnasticsschoolwork and they want to eat and I start all over again.

So here is my first blog post for November. It’s not the first of the month, but it’s the first Monday of the month and that’s ok by me.

Today I’m posting on my blog.