The endlessness of making dinner every single day

So I said yesterday I was going to do this thing, posting in November for NaBloPoMo. Which means I gotta come up with fodder to blog about. Which got me thinking about…food. (Well, I am currently shoving food into my face…be that as it may.)


For a household without allergies, I still spend an inordinate amount of time preoccupied with food. Hats off to those families who have to deal with highly allergic children – my own niece has a serious egg and tree-nut allergy, so I have some idea how cooking for special needs people has to be approached.

But here’s my thing: there’s always someone that has a special need, preference or peculiarity, even in an allergy-free home. Continue reading “The endlessness of making dinner every single day”

I am a SAHM and I have no MOJO, so I should do the NaBloPoMo

I seem to do the same thing every single day.

I create lists. I make food. I eat food. I run out of food. I shop for food. I parent kids. I do all the laundry and it still is never done. The dishes…dirty ones, clean ones, dirtier ones…they will be the end of me.  (Note to self: create a new list of chores for kids to do regularly, not just sporadically, or *later*.)

Suddenly, it’s time for them to come home from hockeyringettegymnasticsschoolwork and they want to eat and I start all over again.

So here is my first blog post for November. It’s not the first of the month, but it’s the first Monday of the month and that’s ok by me.

Today I’m posting on my blog.



Reflection (and a list of things no one told me about when I was pregnant)

A new school year has begun today and with the deafening silence here after two months of constant togetherness, I find myself reflecting on my life as a mom to my two schooled aged children. I barely remember pregnancy at all, but do have flickers of memories that flash in and out of my rather cluttered brain of late. This is especially the case when I run into pregnant women in the neighbourhood, with or without a wee one toddling beside her. ‘Enjoy these uncomplicated years’, I think to myself. ‘Never mind the fatigue…wait till they’re in school!’

I have learned that fatigue has many denominations. Continue reading “Reflection (and a list of things no one told me about when I was pregnant)”

Hearing the world we live in

Sometimes, people will ask you to repeat yourself because they didn’t hear you the first time you spoke. This is perfectly legitimate and happens to everyone occasionally.

Other times, you are convinced the people you spoke to heard you, but simply chose to ignore you. This happens often when you are a parent to small(ish) children, or perhaps teenagers (or face it, any kid currently living with you). There is a term for this behaviour: selective hearing. Granted, they may truly not hear you because they have ear buds in their ears listening to music, or are so tuned-in to their screens they are incapable of breaking their concentration to ‘hear’ your voice. Either way, you find yourself repeating the same words. Continue reading “Hearing the world we live in”

Camping vs Glamping (and no walkers hunting you down)

When I think about camping these days, images of the Walking Dead survivor group comes to mind. I see them way back at the beginning when Shane was in charge (sort of) camped out by a quarry. I see them after they escaped Herschel’s farm, reconvened after a herd of walkers tore apart their sanctuary, and Rick declaring the group a dictatorship: “This isn’t a democracy anymore”. He had just killed Shane and Andrea was missing…and they were camping in the forest with nothing but their clothes on their backs. Oh, and Lori was pregnant…

The group camps out of necessity and because there is no other option. Continue reading “Camping vs Glamping (and no walkers hunting you down)”