GOMA™ – Get Off My Ass

Daily exercise, no matter pandemics or weather, with accountability.

Participants: me (Toronto, Canada), Andrea (Germany), Paul (Belgium), LA in NYC (USA), Eve (Australia) NEW Participant: (18+ readers) Gemma (Australia)

* * *

Monday July 6, 2020 – 19 minutes 57 seconds of solo walking. Additional 30 minute walk with girl child in evening (not logged in phone). Andrea logged her walk into my WhatsApp, and Paul logged his here.


Tuesday July 7, 2020 – 18 minutes 36 seconds, 1690 steps (me). Andrea (WhatsApp)


Wednesday, Thursday, Friday – me = NADA. Andrea logged every day.

Gemma: Thursday = 50min pole dance lesson first in over six months. My core still hurts! Friday = Walked Mr Jones for 40 minutes


Saturday July 11, 2020: Andrea logged in WhatsApp, and Eve sent me a message on Instagram that she did 55 minutes of brisk walking in winter weather. 🙂 Gemma did 2 hours of yardwork (and yes it counts!).

And Molly the Schnoodle, my girl child and I logged 1756 steps in 22 minutes (which isn’t a lot but the Schnoodle had to stop and sniff stuff and tinkle every few feet) so…better than nothing.20200711_150344_HDR.jpg


Wednesday July 14, 2020 Paul in Belgium had a nice walk resulting in a blog post.


Sunday July 26, 2020 Bike ride! 20200726_094926_HDR~2.jpg