Tarot Tuesdays – the Hanged Man is stalking me

Between the dates of April 17 and May 5, I chose three cards per day most days. Some of those cards were Major Arcana cards, including the Hanged Man. Interestingly, I picked him twice during those two weeks.

So let’s have a closer look at the Hanged Man:

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Tarot Tuesdays I: jumping right in

Previous posts: Launching Tarot Tuesdays (what to expect), What’s in the cards (a little bit about Major and Minor Arcana)


The struggle on how to begin sharing my tarot cards journey has turned my draft folders into a discombobulated mess.

Oh, I had plans! I was going to make lists and plan things out for you in chronological order and delve into historical accuracy and elaborate with academic wisdom and then…

I got confused.

If I get confused by my own words, I can only imagine what it does to you when you read my words. Hah.

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Tarot Supplement – What’s in the cards

Today’s Tarot Supplement title is courtesy of Deb who suggested it in this post. Read about the launch of Tarot Tuesdays here.

As you will find out on the upcoming Tarot Tuesday, I did not study anything about tarot cards prior to choosing some and reading them. I simply dove in and dabbled around the internet to make sense of the cards.

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