Tarot Tuesday (on Wednesday*): strange synchronicities, the Empress and the number 3

*snowstorm, 4 hours of shoveling, appointments and other delays… 😯

Recently I listened to three tarot readers on YouTube on the same day. I typically do this while designing beaded jewelry, but I keep a notepad handy to take notes when they remark on something that increases my knowledge on tarot cards and their interpretations.

Two of the readers were addressing the zodiac sign of Libra (me), and one of them was addressing all air signs (Libra, Aquarius and Gemini). All of them were reading for the same upcoming week.

One of them had a spread of cards already laid out, the other two shuffled and laid out their cards while online.

Here is where it got interesting:

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Tarot Tuesday: the Fool

The Fool is the first card in the tarot deck, marked by the number zero. I have two decks, the classic Rider-Waite Tarot* and the Shadowscapes Tarot*, the second which was gifted to me by my beautiful friend Gabrielle.

Two different representations of The Fool tarot

The Fool is, for all intents and purposes, a carefree, unencumbered individual beginning his journey through the Major Arcana.

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Tarot Tuesday – Two of Pentacles

Over the holidays I often shuffled and played with my tarot cards just for fun. Some of the family is interested, and we look at the cards in a low-key sort of way by analyzing the images and symbolism and looking at how they connect to our personal circumstances.

One day, the Two of Pentacles showed up twice. I took that as significant, except I didn’t realize at the time how significant it was.

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YouTube sound checks – can you hear me?

I loaded a whole bunch of very short clips in the past two days to my Tarot Snippet playlist on my YouTube channel. Today’s is just over a minute long.

The clips with my daughter Sonja in it are quite short too… anyway, if you watch them, might adjust the sound, she makes some irritating funny noises in some of them… (lol)

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A busy day, a question and a link

I know today was Tarot Tuesday. I wrote a post and didn’t finish it and found out accidentally that it was published accidentally. It was not ready to be published. I don’t know what happened. I did see Tucker at one point who lunges at me whenever he feels overjoyed to see me, so it’s probably his fault. 😀

Tucker at 17 months

Anyway, when I found out I deleted the post. It wasn’t finished anyway. Sorry not sorry.

Hi, I’m Writer of Words, and I’m the Queen of deleting stuff. 😛

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Tarot Tuesday – Empress, Three of Wands, Judgement

I’ve been feeling a bit stuck (and very busy). All my balls in the air are causing me involuntary paralysis, so I procrastinate. Is it fear? Is it something else?

My tarot cards were sending vibes toward me, so I shuffled and pulled some. Here’s what happened:

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Tarot Tuesdays – tower moment

Perhaps you have heard the expression that someone is having a tower moment.

I don’t think I’ve ever heard this expression mention until I started to take an interest in tarot cards. There is a Major Arcana card called the Tower, and it’s an interesting one and perhaps the reason for the expression.

Let’s dig deeper into the tower moment idea, and see what comes up.

Disclaimer: I am learning the tarot cards and expressing my views and opinions here on my blog. I am not a tarot reader and do not do readings.

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Tarot Tuesdays – Astrology and the Zodiac

Disclaimer: I’m no expert. I’m sharing my journey into learning about the tarot cards and sharing my perspectives with you.


Did you know that the Minor Arcana cards (swords, cups, pentacles and wands) are associated with the four elements of air, water, earth and fire? I explained this in one of my first Tarot Tuesday posts, if you’re interested in a refresher.

I learned about the zodiac connection while listening to tarot readers on youtube. Some read tarot cards for each zodiac sign (libra or taurus for example) whereas others might read for the collective, say all the fire signs. So if you’re a Sagittarius you would tune in to the fire sign reading because Sag is associated with the element fire.

So here’s a short lesson about elements and how the relate to the zodiac signs.

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