Tarot Tuesday – Two of Pentacles

Over the holidays I often shuffled and played with my tarot cards just for fun. Some of the family is interested, and we look at the cards in a low-key sort of way by analyzing the images and symbolism and looking at how they connect to our personal circumstances.

One day, the Two of Pentacles showed up twice. I took that as significant, except I didn’t realize at the time how significant it was.

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Tarot cards and how their messages surprise us

When I dreamed up my latest YouTube idea, I had so many ideas I needed to jot them down. So I did. On post-it notes, in notebooks, in my Evernote app in my phone, in email…

It was a mess. I couldn’t tie anything together and felt overwhelmed and disorganized.

So I went out and bought a dry erase board. It’s a large and relatively heavy one, but I like it.

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