Reflections on Labour Day Monday, in preparation for Tarot Tuesday

After a morning of this and that, I sat down on my new deck in mid-afternoon and pulled some tarot cards.

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Spousal nomenclature

Some time ago someone asked me some specifics about my partner. Specifically, they wanted to know if my partner was male, i.e. whether I was in a heterosexual relationship.

It was clear to me that this person had not read my blog for very long, because I think it’s obvious that we are living the life of a traditional family. I am the primary caregiver and he is the primary earner and we cohabit at the same address and raise the spawn together.

But it begs to ponder nomenclature, doesn’t it.

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Brain dump on writing and friendship

Some of my friends challenge my thinking. Sometimes, this is a good thing (for me). Sometimes, I reject their view or opinion and carry on doing my own thing.

But every so often, someone will say something that has me hold on to their thought, their opinion, their perspective for a lengthy period of time.

This morning, I got an email from a friend who suggested that perhaps I am spreading myself too thin with all the writing projects I have on the go.

And I have been stumbling on this comment all day.

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Muddy puppy and missing bacon*

*Ironically, these two events are not related. 🙂

Mid-afternoon on Christmas Eve, I let the puppy out for a pee in the backyard.

It was muddy. Cool and wet, but not cold and frozen.

After a while I wanted to let puppy back in. But he didn’t come when I called. I opened the back door and looked for him. There he was, at he back of the yard, digging up the rhubarb.


How come no one told me Beagles are diggers? There are so many holes in my yard…

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November: the month of taking stock

So it’s November. How utterly exciting. Plus the Timekeeper Gods have awarded us with an extra hour today, which just depresses me more, so let’s turn this misery around immediately.

How, you ask?

Well, let’s see…

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Irritants and annoyances

Yes, this is a rant. So what. You don’t have to read it.

Today, I went grocery shopping. I hate shopping but I do it anyway. I bought most of everything on my list except toilet paper because everyone’s out again.

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