Imparting wisdom, and a jewelry update

I saw something on twitter this morning which made me nod in earnest. I’m stating the obvious here, but sometimes a reminder is a good thing.

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The challenge with living in the present

Has anyone ever advised you to live in the present? To be focused on the here and now and not worry so much about past or future?

Sometimes, this is easier said than done, but I have noticed one thing:

When we shut out all the external and internal noise, it’s amazing what we can accomplish.

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Love is a battlefield

Song by Pat Benatar, released 1983.

Disclaimer: I am not an expert on love. These are thoughts and observations which I translated into words as a method of processing.


Love has many avenues: family, romantic, self…

I suck at showing it to others. At expressing it. I always mess it up.

Either that or I suck at communication.

Probably that second part, mostly.

Do they see it when I show it? Do they hear it? Feel it?

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Tarot Supplement – Irritated about The Lovers card

Disclaimer: I am not religious, and my observations and interpretations of this somewhat religious tarot card may sound a little crass to those of you who follow a deeply Christian worldview. Comments are welcome but will be blocked if they attack or otherwise offend me or my readers.


The Lovers card in upright position in the classic tarot deck irritates me. At least at first glance.

The Lovers – Major Arcana Tarot card
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Tarot Supplement – The Judgement card

The Judgement is a Major Arcana card and appears right before the final card The World in the tarot deck.

I drew this card along with The King of Swords and The Lovers in reverse, both of which deserve their own analysis.

In this post, I will analyze the Judgement card, and see how it applies to life.

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Tarot Tuesday – Pentacles and Cups energy

Yesterday I asked this question while shuffling my tarot cards:

What do I need to know for my upcoming week?

These were the cards that appeared in my spread:

Two pentacles cards, one of which I had not drawn before, and a cups card.

Eight of Pentacles, Three of Pentacles, Nine of Cups
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Tarot Tuesdays – The Moon

In recent weeks, the moon in the sky had featured prominently both in our daily lives and all over the news media. There were full moons and strawberry moons and an eclipse… Unsurprisingly, the moon is on my mind.

Interestingly, the Moon tarot card itself doesn’t seem to appear very often; for me, it hasn’t at all. I have not drawn the Moon XVIII Major Arcana card at all in the months I’ve been learning the tarot.

My mom has her own deck of cards, and every once in a while she sends me a text to let me know what cards she pulled. She did see the Moon card appear at least once, but she said she didn’t like its messages.

I decided to dig a little deeper into the Moon card mainly to educate mom (who reads this blog) as well as myself and others who have an interest in learning more about tarot card reading and interpretation.

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