How to understand women

This post is emoji free for a reason. Proceed with caution and read the disclaimer at the end of the post. You have been warned.

I was thinking of writing a manual for men. I’ll call it:

How to understand women

A handy manual for men
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Instagram is now a hook-up site, and a dating app update

I have to occupy my brain with some superficial stupidity so I thought I’d share some of said stupidity with you. You’re welcome.

I very rarely go into my DMs on Instagram, but occasionally I wander in there to see what’s going on.

This happened yesterday.

Look at all the men who popped up in recent days. I’m so lucky! 🙄

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Writing based on prompts with or without emojis

The other day I read a bunch of post by bloggers who joined Bloganuary.

Essentially, they are fed a topic each day during the month of January which inspires bloggers to write something on that day’s topic.

I didn’t join.

I admitted this on LA’s blog in the comments when SwingedCat accused me pointed out that I like emojis.

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Blog award nomination

It’s been a while since I’ve been nominated for a blog award, but one of my newest followers, James the Less (who came up with a catchy name for his blog) nominated me.

I’m going to skip over the rules (bad, bad, I know, you can yell at me if you wish) and just answer the questions he posed. Let’s see if my grey matter is sharp enough to come up with something witty but truthful for these questions…

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