Short story: The mysterious man from the beach

Your discomfort should not does not inhibit my creativity.

“This used to be my boat,” Robert told her as they stood at the gate of the Yacht Club, peering through the cast iron fence. Continue reading “Short story: The mysterious man from the beach”

Elusive sleep

Imagine, a hangover. But not from cocktails. A heavy head, filled with fog. Thick and soupy, full of words that won’t transmit. Distractions. A fantasy filled with desire and hope. Longing. There is no time, no peace, no focus. But it will come. It has to. The story takes shape, slowly, like the torso of a snowman. Getting bigger, fatter. Until it melts. Again. Sleep eludes. The wifi beckons. It never sleeps. Maybe the words will form at dawn. Maybe not. Continue reading Elusive sleep