Self-editing your own writing

There are many ways to edit your written work:

  1. Leave it and return to it at a later date with a fresh perspective
  2. Use an online editing program (Grammarly, ProWritingAid, Hemingway Editor etc)
  3. Ask friends, family, colleagues to give feedback
  4. Hire an editor
  5. Submit to contests or publications (sometimes, not often, an editor will respond with encouragement and feedback even if a piece isn’t accepted)
  6. Read out loud to yourself

Did I miss anything?

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Indie-authors who write romance novels

Indie – short for independent; writers/authors who publish outside the mainstream

Do you read romance novels?

I’m not a fan, frankly, but I discovered some authors I liked. Meaning, I gave romance a chance at times, and although most of the books I read didn’t captivate my interest, I was pleasantly surprised that some of them did.

Do you know what I mean?

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Short story: Heat beyond the fire station

Inspired by a show I watched recently, I cooked up a little romantic story. Enjoy. Feedback encouraged. See you in the comments.

Heat beyond the fire station

Samantha sat on the edge of the ottoman, facing the TV on the wall. Abby stood behind her, between the ottoman and couch, rubbing arnica lotion into her shoulders.

โ€œThis will soothe your tight muscles,โ€ Abby said, kneading Samanthaโ€™s shoulders with concentration and completely oblivious to Chloeโ€™s hard stare.

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Clandestine honesty

Those of you who have read here a while know that I’m a little bit…different.

Let’s go with that. ๐Ÿ™ƒ

Here is something about me though that most of you probably will not dispute: I am nothing if not creative.

As I continue to write my stories, and edit my stories, and proofread my stories, and finish my stories, and begin new stories, I realized something.

I need some personal experience to supplement some of my creativity. And this is the reason why I started a bit of an unusual experiment a couple of weeks ago.

Really unusual.

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How reading evokes improved writing (for me)

Every so often I read a story by a writer or author which awakens something inside of me. Usually, it begins right with the first sentence, or paragraph. It’s almost like I can hear the voice of this person while reading the words.

One such story is this one: Waking up from the American Dream

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