A tribute to blogger friendships

When I first started blogging, my now-16-year-old son was a baby. I’m on my third blog (and I have a fourth one in which I publish erotic fiction), so I’ve been around the block a few times when it comes to WordPress. Ha.

So it won’t be anyone’s surprise that I have made a few friends along the way.

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Summer so far: lifted restrictions, new hobbies and a little update

This is the first summer in which neither kid is playing baseball. They both started with t-ball at age 4… They are now 13 and a half and 16.

Because we are still in the slowly emerging opening up of lockdown (stage 2 with stage 3 happening in a week) not much activity is available for them. My son picked up golf and is looking for a part-time job, but my daughter is in that tricky age where she’s too young to get a job and there aren’t too many options available right now for volunteering and other things.

So summer so far is looking very similar to the last 16 months of lockdown… Kids staring at screens.

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Writing, thinking, beading…

*this was formerly a title-less post 😱

What a week it’s been.

Oh wait, it’s only Wednesday… 😳

I have been writing. Purging. Focusing on teenagers. And staying indoors during the day – we have heat and humidity which is all wonderful after a long, cold, locked-down winter, but it’s too hot to do anything outside. Not as hot as Arizona or some places in the deep South (or…Australia), but with the humidex it reaches mid to late 30s C (90s F) which is often a bit headache-inducing. And tiring.

Between writing a kinky story on my other blog, I have been designing jewelry. This little hobby has been so therapeutic for me, I think it might evolve into a small obsession. 😃

Want to see?

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Hair appointments, vaccines and a reminder

I think it was October when I last went to get a haircut in a salon.

They were open very sporadically over the lockdown periods in the past 16 months, but I know many of the smaller salons either went out of business or are struggling.

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Old and ugly

Something has been percolating in my brain for a while, but I couldn’t find the words to talk about it on a public forum until today. Perhaps I will find the words if I simply type them into the keyboard.

It began with a syndicated episode of The Big Bang Theory. I see the scene in front of me but I can’t find it when I google it. It’s not so much the scene that made an impression anyway, it’s the phrase.

This is how I remember it (paraphrased):

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A quick update and some questions for you

I have two half-posts ready for Tarot Tuesdays but they sound odd. They are not ready to publish. I may skip this week and get back to my scheduled Tuesday series next week.

I also have another post almost ready where I complain about a comment Penny made on The Big Bang Theory. It hit a nerve. Allow me to give you a glimpse: old people are ugly.

Ya… no. I’m not in the right mood to address this comment today. 😛

AND, I have a lovely photo post almost ready to publish describing my first venture out to lunch at an outdoor patio. That happened last week when I spent six days with mom in the suburbs. On a whim, we decided to go to the old part of town and have pizza. They renovated the entire downtown along the Lakeshore, and it was really cute to go wander around and find a place to have lunch after the excruciating 16+ months of being locked up like inmates.

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