Travel observations – airport and planes

The safety video at Air Canada has completely changed since my flight attendant days in the late 90s. It has transformed into a provocative marketing clip disguised as a geography lesson aimed at tourists.

Quite clever, if I say so myself.

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How we’re navigating the mask-no-mask dilemma in Toronto 🇨🇦

Disclaimer: this is an observation about the mask-no-mask situation in my province 🇨🇦. Share your perspective but don’t shame or ridicule anyone please. I’m not afraid to delete or block derogatory comments.

I scanned some headlines the other day and came across one that irked me a little. I’m going to express my view on it here because this is my blog and I do what I want here. The article pointed out that it’s easy to spot a Canadian in an American airport. (I’m not going to link to it, I’m not a fan of that particular newscast.)


Because apparently, Canadians are all wearing masks.

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Holding patterns

This is what my life feels like at the moment – suspended in a holding pattern. Like those planes, when they try to land at an airport but the airport is busy and the incoming plane has to wait its turn for a designated time slot to begin approach. They stack them, like a coil in the sky…

Anyway, I won’t go on about it, but today’s holding pattern (I have multiple ones, ugh) is brought to you by covid. Meh.

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Evil spell

A few weeks ago I had a first-time experience at a nail salon. 💅

My 14 year old daughter was staying with me and my mom over parts of her spring break when she approached me with this:

“I know you’ve never been to a nail salon,” she said. “I thought it might be fun for us to do this together.”

Now, how can I say no to such a cute invitation?

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And then we lost grandma (she’s fine)

Seriously, if one more thing happens this week… Oh wait. It’s only Tuesday. 🙄

My teen girl and I were dealing with the aftermath of a phone call from a family member who had just called and talked to my mom.

Sonja and I were in the same room while she talked on the phone.

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Lunch at a 50s diner

Because why not?

I suggested it, because I’ve driven past it many times but never went in.

Today was the day. I considered it a treat for two reasons: I’ve sold some short stories 🎉💃 AND they lifted vaccine passports in my province. 😀

I understand that some people don’t agree with this move. I appreciate why, yet simultaneously I am rather content that a semblance of normal is finally returning. The mask mandate remains in place for now, but there are noises this too shall become optional.

If you want to debate the vax passports or the mask mandates or anything virus related I invite you to do so on your blog. You may express your opinion on my blog if you wish, but if you don’t know how to do this without attacking anyone who sees things differently than you, I will block you.


This post is about a funky diner and cool diner food. 😋

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Indoor dining during Toronto’s on-again-off-again restrictions

Toronto has been under various strict restrictions on and off for a period of 22 months. We were briefly less restricted last summer with either outdoor options or capacity limits. But then came back to school and winter and indoor activities and by Christmas we were getting surges again yada yada by January 4th, indoor dining et al were once again shut down.

The beleaguered restaurant industry, particularly the independent establishments not controlled by chain-corporations, really suffered. A lot.

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