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At no other time have I felt more invisible than in the years leading up to my 50th birthday. The stories in this anthology, inspired by my blog posts, have been edited slightly and repackaged to cover a theme many of us are familiar with: midlife invisibility.


A collection of stories based on blog content. Shopping with the family, shopping with seniors, irks and irritations, supply-run reflections and more!


Collection of short stories about a young woman coming of age in the late 1990s and early 2000. Loosely based on personal experiences.

FICTION (not erotica but with erotic content)

A collection of short erotic stories touching on virtual infidelity, friend zone relationships and dorm sex.


Erotica on Smashwords

Leah embarks on an erotic journey into the virtual side of kink. She meets the Man from the South who becomes her online mentor and awakens her sexual appetite. Leah quickly falls under his spell and together, they explore the darker side of her desires; virtually at first, and eventually in the flesh. Leah agrees to meet her new Dom in person on one condition: there can be no touch.