Midlife and cosmetics: skin care and eyebrow shaping (part 1)

Ever since I was a teen girl I was bothered by my eyebrows.

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Single men and the women they choose – follow-up

Firstly, thank you for commenting on the original post. 🙂

I think my intention was misinterpreted by some, so I hereby give you a short, in-depth analysis/elaboration/explanation before delving deeper into this topic.

Here’s the quote I referred to before:

Men tend to choose women who will make them look good to other men.


Reminder: this isn’t my quote. I read it somewhere and paraphrased it because I couldn’t immediately find the source article.

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Tarot Tuesdays – tower moment

Perhaps you have heard the expression that someone is having a tower moment.

I don’t think I’ve ever heard this expression mention until I started to take an interest in tarot cards. There is a Major Arcana card called the Tower, and it’s an interesting one and perhaps the reason for the expression.

Let’s dig deeper into the tower moment idea, and see what comes up.

Disclaimer: I am learning the tarot cards and expressing my views and opinions here on my blog. I am not a tarot reader and do not do readings.

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Two years this month

Let your heart be your compass, your mind your map, your soul your guide and you will never get lost. Ritu Ghatourey Why is it that we don’t worry about a compass until we’re lost in a wilderness of our own making? Craig D Lounsbrough You don’t throw a compass overboard because the ocean is calm. Matshona Dhliwayo Only when I fall do I get up again. Vincent Van Gogh It feels like a lifetime has passed, and in some way, it has. I am no longer the person I was two years ago. If not now, when? Tomorrow never … Continue reading Two years this month