The undeniable lure of smartphones

Sitting here without my laptop inhibits me somewhat in my day to day activities which I mostly conduct online. I mean, yes, smartphones are very handy and its abilities to create most online things are almost limitless, but I do like typing on a keyboard at least when a lot of words are required.

And, I like using a mouse. 🤷‍♀️

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Comparing and interpreting artistic impressions of Tarot cards

I had a friendly argument debate with my teen girl about the Ten of Swords card. 🙃

What precipitated our dispute deliberation was another person, a youtube tarot reader by the name of Chris. He was doing a Libra reading and came across the Ten of Swords card which he interpreted in a way that is different from how I see the card.

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No such thing as a dull moment (when you have a Beagle)

I was going to title this post death but then figured some of you might have a heart attack and I don’t want that on my conscious so I had to think up something more clever.

As a matter of fact, I am typing these words with the title space still empty because I have no idea what to name this post. By the time I publish it though it’ll have a title, it’ll be filed under categories and even have some tags too.

Despite all of this nonsensical nonesense in my preamble, I’m going to talk about death anyway.

Not people death.

Animal death. 😐

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Ebb and flow – where are the words?

I seem to have lost my writing mojo.

Hi! Remember me? I used to love blogging…

This morning, after a crappy sleep which had me anxious about my day today, which will be a long one because I have to do a pickup at the airport tonight, I decided to take my fitness routine outside. To get some mojo back into me.

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Wearing the chauffeur hat on the west coast

I’m a mom of sporty kids, right? My kids spent most of their childhood being schlepped to and from rinks, to and from baseball diamonds, to and from gymnastics gyms, to and from track and field facilities, and to and from tournaments.

But right now, I’m chauffeuring around Vancouver in my brother’s car.

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