Tucker and his skunky playmate


There was a time when the little trouble maker got sprayed by a skunk which caused a great smell to perfume the house for days after.

This time, I wasn’t there. I got a text prior to 8 am that a major stinky crisis was averted because he “woke up the whole neighbourhood” with his yelling but it stopped the dog from getting the spray. Thankfully.

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Missing: logic and common sense

I took my mom to an early morning appointment the other day. When we were done I suggested we go to a nearby mall and have a coffee in the food court.

I used to work at that mall when I was a teenager. My mom worked there for almost 30 years as well.

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Thanks for reading my erotica, now go get an STD test 😳

Back in the day when I was actively writing and publishing erotica on my other blog, I received many emails from various organizations who offered me something. Either it was an affiliate program, a gift of some sort requiring a review, or an opportunity to buy into their SEO packages in order to help me rank better on Google.

I read them all, and ignored 99% of them.

Every once in a while, I would take up conversations with the more eloquently written invitations. These few and rare people presented their case professionally, usually to join in a partnership or accept a free gift (as long as I write a genuine review on my blog). To date, I had not confirmed anything with anyone. I mean, yeah the free gifts “of my choice, just browse our website” was compelling, but there was that matter of non-existant privacy at my place to actually try the product and then write the review about it… 😉

Point is, I still receive regular invites for business opportunities through that, mostly silent, blog.

Two days ago, I received an email of a different kind, one I had never seen before. Instead of free sex toys or similar props, I was invited to join something quite different.

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New jewelry! Owl charm bracelets

Not long ago I bought some owl charms on sale. I made bracelets! Do you love them as much as I do? I still have a few charms left and will make more. Let me know if you have a special colour request. To buy these or other items from my collection, click the boxes below and use paypal, or email me at writerofwordsetc@gmail.com. For more samples, click here or visit my instagram account. Continue reading New jewelry! Owl charm bracelets

Updates and changes for WoW blog

WoW is my acronym for Writer of Words… 🙂

I’ve been cleaning house. And by house I mean my online life. I unsubscribed and unfollowed a significant chunk of my reading material because my time is so limited these days. The time constraints are temporary, but cleaning house was overdue and so I’m doing it now.

If not now, when?

This mantra is so appropriate to all aspects of my life. 🥰

If you’re one of the people I have unfollowed, please don’t take it personally. I still see you, especially when you like or comment on my blog or on some of the few blogs I still read. I click on you to check in on you because I’m interested in what is going on in your life, at least the part you share in your blog.

I have made other changes:

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A string of mishaps first thing this morning

For days now I noticed a wet spot at the bottom of the vanity, right by the sink.

I thought it was because I dribble and splash when I wash up and kept a towel handy to wipe up the spills.

This morning, I took something out from the cabinet underneath the sink and noticed the container of the item was wet.

I touched some other items. Wet.

Great. I must have a leak.

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