This and that, a spam alert, and a dog update

Today I ate a meal with my mom in the tv room. She made homemade risotto, chicken pieces in a creamy sauce, and skillet sauteed rainbow Swiss chard with onions and mushrooms. It was delicious.

While we ate, we watched a cooking show: Jamie Oliver in Italy. Today, he was in Turin, and he and some local families made risotto and a bunch of desserts involving chocolate and hazelnuts.


Here’s the irritating part:

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Encounters with a massive Mastiff

There is a huge park down by the lake I often take the various dogs I look after for a walk in. Tucker loves that park too and enjoys the many dog and wildlife smells peppered across the landscape.

The park is not designated as leash free which is a good thing because lots of families with small children as well as wildlife roam free.

But people let their dogs off leash in that park anyway under the ruse they need to run for exercise.

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Dramatic escapades at Ikea

As many of you know, I live at my mom’s place in the suburbs more than part time but less than full time.

The bed in my room is a futon. It’s at least two decades old and very lumpy. (I think one of us kids inherited it during our University days from a roommate who couldn’t take it home; we kept it and brought it home to the parents).

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The life of a fiction writer (like me)

Note: I am not a normal fiction writer. 

One day a few years ago a story popped into my head. So I wrote it down.

Then I shared some of it privately and online.

Next, I saved it in multiple places and subsequently ignored it for weeks. But, every once in a while I took it out, re-read it, added things, subtracted things, and put it away again.

Then I ignored it some more.

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Parenting sporty kids at the competitive level – the end is near

Youth sports parenting – ringette

When children elevate their interests into competitive sports and parents agree to foot the bill and invest the time to let them play, a sudden shift of epic proportions occurs in family life.

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Making people happy with my creativity

The sad news is there are a lot of people battling cancer. Have you noticed this? It’s frustrating to watch people struggle with the initial diagnosis and then see them bravely battle the treatments. It can evoke feelings of helplessness, sadness and grief when on the sidelines…

The good news is a lot of advancement has been made in terms of treatment options. Many success stories – big and small – travel around the many communication channels that exist today. There has been a lot of progress in research, in medication, and in supplemental – and alternative – support that has helped many cancer patients navigate this difficult journey.

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