Erotic story on Patreon

I have six chapters of my latest erotic story released on Patreon for your reading pleasure. Here’s the premise:

Two friends, Sergio and Dillon, invite Cassandra into an erotic adventure of titillating explorations, psychological foreplay, flirtatious seduction, power play antics and… well, you’ll just have to read it for yourself to see.

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How to read the Queen of Cups and King of Swords

This is an analysis of two tarot cards which describes, in detail, the symbolism of the artistic interpretation. I was able to apply the symbolism to my personal situation, but the description of the cards and meaning behind the symbolism may help you in a personal situation. If nothing else, the cards may demonstrate how for some people, like me, they can become a tool to help achieve deeper understanding leading to mental clarity. I do other deep analysis of tarot and oracle cards and provide them in form of PDFs which can be accessible here.

When I reached for my tarot cards last week during a family situation, I wasn’t feeling great. It had been a hard week, there was a disconnect, the mess and clutter wasn’t embraceable, and I simply just needed a moment to center myself.

I picked up my crystal before choosing one of several decks of cards. I liked how this quartz felt; a combination of smooth and rough edges which kind of echoed my turbulent disposition.

I braced myself for what message the energy around me would dispense. What did I need to know? Surely, the tarot would pick up on my despair this week and soothe me back to normal?

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Who’s in charge here?

I’m currently tending to multiple life events in the city house with the family which of course includes the two year old Beagle Tucker.

He’s always so thrilled to see me when I visit. ♥️

Anyway, I’m car-less and the other car is currently at an airport and will be at a hockey rink later, so I’m perched in my spot at the kitchen island working on one of several projects I have on the go. I decided to treat you to a Tucker story from this morning. (You’re welcome.)

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I let my subconscious mind bully me and this is what happened (long read)

I had a hard few days the week prior to American Thanksgiving with a lot coming at me from different directions. In addition to that, I was moving back and forth between the family house in the city and my mom’s house in the suburbs, dealing with more car issues, plus dog sitting little Sadie, the 9 year old French Bulldog. Then one of the kids got sick, then the other one, blah blah blah we all have weeks like that.

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New and improved website home page

Check out my new homepage. I’ve streamlined much of my activity, and added a new platform for my writing, mainly to prevent imminent starvation. 🙃 (not really) If you scroll down to the socials and click some of the links you’ll be treated to some French Bulldog shenanigans. Sadie is 9 and I’m sitting her for the week while her human is in Florida. I took her out of Tucker’s house because she was mean to him; he was cowering under the chair after she terrorized him, stole his kong, ate his bone, peed all over the house and … Continue reading New and improved website home page

Special talent: losing my pants

I lost my pants.

How does one lose pants, you ask? Well, for starters, you’d have to be me. 🥴

I was in the suburbs at my mom’s house, in my room which has two small closets, when I realized the pants were missing. Two pairs, actually; the grey jeans with the fancy ripple design in the knee area, and the black leggins with the pockets.

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You can’t make this up

This morning, I bought one if those prepared Caesar salad kits you can get in the deli section of the grocery store.

While I was puttering with the container and scooping out some of the salad, I was listening to a YouTube video on affirmations and gratitude.

My salad was ready. All it was missing was the dressing.

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A series of unfortunate events. And then the planets aligned.

Saturday morning I opened the curtains at my mom’s house to let the beautiful autum sunshine flow in. That’s when I saw the Mourning Dove. He was alone, which was unusual; there are two that live in the hedges near the birches in the front yard.

What was also unusual was that he was sitting on the driveway, all puffed up, and completely exposed. He wasn’t near a flowering pot (which is empty now in preparation for winter) nor was he near the bench or the foliage behind it.

And, he was staring intently at the garage door.

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Updates: life, work, dogs and a new logo

As we inch closer toward the end of October, I’m beginning to see a few gaps in my calendar. Gaps meaning nothing family related is scheduled and I will actually have some time to catch up on my own projects!

It’s a mixed bag of sentimentalism, this fall-merging-into-winter time here in our south-eastern corner of Canada. Back to school and hockey/ringette season is hectic, peppered with multiple birthdays and Thanksgiving thrown in the middle of it. But the excessive scheduling is coming to an end. Cycles are closing out, and new ones are on the horizon, ready to start spinning. Kids are moving through high school at an alarming speed.

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