Attacked by hair styling implements

This is what happens when you arm a teen girl with a brush and hair elastics.

Or when you sit your sorry adult ass on the sofa for a moment, unsuspecting of any imminent hair styling adventures about to take place on your noggin.

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What are YOU waiting for?

We’ve all been through this – bad relationships, horrible jobs, toxic friends – and yet sometimes we hang on for all the wrong reasons.

What does it take to leave something that clearly makes you miserable?

Why do we wait to make the changes we desire? Well, a good first step is to ask yourself that question even though the answers are not simple.

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Random thoughts while sitting in the sunshine

For as long as we owned the house (20 years) this asshat behind us used to blare his music across the entire neighbourhood. It didn’t matter what time of day or night it was, he was having a party and playing his music with open windows.

This weekend I sat outside and did some yard work for the bulk of the day and reveled in the fact that all I could hear was children playing, dogs barking occasionally, or other random backyard noises. No music, not even quiet music.

It was almost like the neighbours were being respectful. ðŸ˜ģ

There’s a reason for that. The asshat has moved away. 🙂🎉ðŸĪĐ🎊

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