Portable thermos food they will eat

As it turns out, baseball season is just as busy as hockey season. Which means that cooking portable food continues to be a major preoccupation on my brain.

But it’s the end of the school year and although my kids aren’t exactly picky, they have become rather choosy about what they want to eat (junk) as opposed to what I prepare for them (same thing rotated every few days for the last eight months).

Here’s the thing. I’m running out of patience ideas, so I’m making pasta. Continue reading “Portable thermos food they will eat”

Irksomeness, and then a pleasant surprise

Many irksome things are happening in my world today. Heck, the whole week has been a big fat write-off if you ask me. Can’t be the weekend soon enough.

Oh wait. Weekends aren’t exactly a break, either.


I could share my issues here for the internet to see, or I can take a lesson of mindful thinking, focusing on the positives. Not the easiest thing in the world to do, what with all the negative self-talk happening inside my head. My brain at this time of year is full of clutter and debris, and it takes real focus to stay on track.

But some developments have had a positive vibe. Not all is lost in hopelessness and stress, just yet.

For instance, the new couch is coming! Soon, I think, maybe next week. And summer vacation is just a couple of weeks away! No More Lunches! And the garage renovation is about to begin…oh wait. That part is the irksomeness I’m trying to forget about for a few hours…

Then a strange thing happened to me, which made me uncover a fantastic and very pleasant surprise. Continue reading “Irksomeness, and then a pleasant surprise”

Last ditch effort for school – the money jar

I know everyone is counting the days (hours, minutes…) before summer vacation begins, but we’re not quite there yet. And one thing that seems more prevalent this time of year, so close to the finish line, is the endless need for cash and coins.

There are so many field trips, fundraising functions and pizza/ice-cream/hotdog days in the last few weeks of school that my regular money jar, which I neglect somewhat during the early spring days, is empty.

We’re back to it now. Small bills (10s and 5s) as well as coins are placed in there everytime I open my wallet.

cash for school
cash for school

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Ward off afternoon fatigue with a 60-second protein breakfast

There were days when the kids were in the early grades of school where I could barely make it to pick-up time. The exhaustion I felt, which in turn made me crave sugar, which in turn made me crash more, was one of the most unpleasant aspects of parenting young school-aged children, and I do not ever want to return to those days.

All I wanted was some chocolate to pick me up. Chocolate tasted great but it made me feel worse. And sleepy. And grumpy. So I would reach for a cookie (more sugar) and within a few minutes the same thing happened again.

I was always tired.

My doctor said: do you get enough protein? Continue reading “Ward off afternoon fatigue with a 60-second protein breakfast”

Quick and easy chicken bakes

Someone on facebook posted this and inspired me. With everyone doing something different between 4pm and 8pm today, I figured, a chicken bake is exactly the right kind of dinner to have on hand. Can be eaten hot (microwave the cooked casserole) or cold (because cold chicken as a sandwich or a salad is yum) and there you go. Add rice or pasta or baguette, or not. Place on a plate with a green, couscous or quinoa salad. Done. Continue reading “Quick and easy chicken bakes”

Tween milestones – taking the local transit, part 1

(I asked my son for permission to write about this topic and he said it was ok.)

* * *

As a new mom, when the first baby arrives, we anticipate and log and share and take pictures of every tiny little milestone they accomplish, and it’s the most exciting thing ever. Right? Then a second, third or more baby is born and you’re too tired to care whether she took a step earlier or later than her brother. You still notice the milestones, of course, they just don’t get quite the same attention anymore.

My oldest is 11 and I once again feel like the parent I was when he was an infant/toddler/preschooler. There are so many things going on with him, it’s almost impossible not to notice how much he’s grown and learned over the last couple of years.

And now, we are standing on the threshold of a new type of independence. My baby has grown up and he’s about to leave me. On a streetcar, and only until the end of the school day, but still. It feels like a big step, and me being me, I wanted to prepare him adequately for this new method of independent travel. Continue reading “Tween milestones – taking the local transit, part 1”

I don’t want to because I’m tired

I don’t want to pack lunches. I don’t want to cook dinner on a stove every single night. Nor do I want to clean up the kitchen after. I don’t want to go to the grocery store, the big box store, or any other store that sells food or related items. I don’t want to wake up kids who prefer to sleep in. I don’t want to send kids to bed when they’re not tired yet. I don’t want to do laundry, especially socks. I don’t want to see any socks from now till next September. I am tired of … Continue reading I don’t want to because I’m tired

The wrong way to brush your teeth

When I was a child in Switzerland I had regular visits to the dentist just like my children do now, here in Canada. I went once a year (which was what was covered by my dad’s plan) and never had a cavity. As I got older, I got a retainer from an orthodontist, and then we moved to Canada. Continue reading “The wrong way to brush your teeth”

Ode to coffee

Rarely have I looked forward to my third and final cup of coffee as much as I did today!


My coffee ritual in the morning is pretty much the exact same way every single day. The only time it isn’t is if I’m sick. But even if I’m sick, I still have to get up and get them out of the house so coffee often is still part of the routine. The coffee just doesn’t taste the same, but the infusion of caffeine seems just as necessary despite the illness.

But my regular, normal coffee routine, that is my bliss. Continue reading “Ode to coffee”

The toll of hallway closets when the seasons change

If you live in a country with seasons, you understand instinctively that at some point at least twice a year you will go insane.

We live in a country with seasons, and the transition from cold, wet weather to warm, dry weather takes a big fat toll on my tiny hall closets, my attic and my sanity.

Attics are a blessing for storing seasonal things.

Attics are also a curse for storing seasonal things. Especially clothing and footwear. Continue reading “The toll of hallway closets when the seasons change”