Tarot Tuesdays – the Hanged Man is stalking me

Between the dates of April 17 and May 5, I chose three cards per day most days. Some of those cards were Major Arcana cards, including the Hanged Man. Interestingly, I picked him twice during those two weeks.

So let’s have a closer look at the Hanged Man:

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It’s either a lucky or unlucky day today

There is a fun passage in one of Bill Bryson’s travel books where his friend gets pooped on by a bird on the Champs-Élysées in Paris.

I could picture it clearly because I was in Paris a few times during my twenties when I was a flight attendant and of course visited the Champs-Élysées while there.

I remember reading that passage and laughing so hard I almost peed myself. Not only did the friend get pooped on by the bird, it happened twice!

I have to admit that I do worry sometimes when I’m down by the lake that a seagull might poop on me. But it never happened in over 50 years.

Until today.

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How to adjust your playback speed on a youtube video (of me talking)

When podcasts and YouTube took over the online world, and especially during pandemic times, I panicked a little about how much time people will spend talking, instead of typing. Is my online world going to turn into audio now?

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Lockdown moms Mother’s Day wish

I’m having coffee in bed. There is absolutely no reason for me to get up. My teens aren’t going to starve to death if I don’t get up. Only reason to get up however is to make coffee but since I had to pee anyway…

I have coffee now. In bed. 🙂☕

I had a thought about Mother’s Day.

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Drama in the neighbourhood

Something exciting and dramatic happened today. I say exciting because it’s not something that happens every day in my neighbourhood, much less on my street. But for us poor schmucks in lockdown, exciting means it’s a diversion from the same old routine, right?

This is what happened.

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My son’s last quadmester (4th semester consisting of two subjects due to remote/virtual learning) began a couple of weeks ago. It will run until the end of June, probably online. And then, he’ll have graduated grade 10 from inside of his bedroom. Thank you Mr. Trudeau and Mr. Ford. You are both equally to blame. (Don’t at me unless you’re Justin or Doug, I’m not going to rant and debate about this today.)

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Tarot Tuesdays I: jumping right in

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The struggle on how to begin sharing my tarot cards journey has turned my draft folders into a discombobulated mess.

Oh, I had plans! I was going to make lists and plan things out for you in chronological order and delve into historical accuracy and elaborate with academic wisdom and then…

I got confused.

If I get confused by my own words, I can only imagine what it does to you when you read my words. Hah.

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