Encounter with Rosie the cat

On the way home from a walk with Tucker this morning, we saw Rosie, a cat he likes, sitting in the middle of the sidewalk staring at something near the wheel of a parked car.

As I stepped closer, I saw it was a bird. It was on its side but alive, and trying to get away from the cat.

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The banana peel standoff

My teens share a bathroom in the basement, near their bedrooms, which has a stand-up shower. This bathroom is also the laundry room with stacked compact washer and dryer units.

The bathroom is cluttered and often messy. The garbage in that bathroom is constantly full. I rarely step into that room because it triggers me, and no amount of encouragement, scheduling, begging, pleading and tears has inspired these two teenagers to keep that room tidy and at least somewhat hygienic.

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Boston chronicles: Copley Square & Old South Church

I will skip over the second part of our first day in Boston (Arboretum) and tackle Copley Square now. Because there is much to describe and share, I will break it into parts.

I will revisit the Harvard Arboretum, a beautiful green space we wandered through the previous afternoon, later.

The Boston Public Library, part of Copley Square, will get its own chapter, because library. 🥰 Visiting that library in person was one of the most fantastic experiences I have ever enjoyed. Just looking at the pictures now elevates my vibrational energy sky high!

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Boston chronicles – the vaccine proof question

Someone asked me via email how the whole vaccine question was handled crossing the border between Canada and the US.

I thought about researching the dates when various mandates or restrictions were lifted, then comparing between the two countries but you know what? I really didn’t feel like it.

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Boston chronicles – the first day

The very first thing we saw when we got off the plane was these two iconic Boston markers.

Regular readers know I’m a hockeymom. But I’m a Leafs fan, not a Bruins fan… Still, with the recent playoff drama for both of these NHL teams (Boston and Toronto) I simply had to take these photos. 😛(sorrynotsorry)

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Vacation chronicles – part 1

While on vacation out of town with my mom and my sister, I teased people over on Instagram with photos and invited readers to guess my location.

All I said in my previous post was we took a plane (Airbus 220-300 series) and flew east.

Starting point was YYZ (Toronto).


Stay tuned. I’ll divulge more whenever I feel like it. 😎

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