Updated (and still valid in 2021):

From Lock-Down Pandemic Covid-19 Jail – waiting for parole lifted-restrictions to get life back in some form.

I’m a GenX blogger/writer/dog walker/purger/wine drinker/midlife mom. Started blogging when my son was an infant; he’s 15 now.

I live in a teeny bungalow in Toronto’s West End with a pilot/professor partner, tween girl and the aforementioned teen boy. Oh and we’re getting a puppy in late summer. We have a puppy… (Help me.)

I used to spend all my time either at home cooking and writing (or out shopping for food), only to leave again to take one or both to a rink or a diamond or a gymnastics gym or an art camp or a birthday party or dry-land activities or tennis lessons or some track and field meet or the pool or a million other places the two minions like to spend their time.

They’re athletic, if you must know. (They didn’t get that from me.)

I feel like I have one foot in and one foot out, most days. My life doesn’t really belong to me anymore (but it will again, you just wait…) 😛

Trying to keep sane, failing daily. Mainly due to the fact that we’re all together 24/7 with no end in sight because…pandemic. (Is it over yet?) This has been ok, mostly, but sometimes omg can I just pack a bag and extract myself from this place?

And then, someone wrote about me. Want to read? Click here.

Here’s a post listing 49 things about me. I should probably update this list as I wrote it in August 2018.

You can follow me on Twitter  @WriterOfWords91

I’m on Instragram too.

Either way, thank you for stopping by! See you in the comments. 🙂

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