Forgive me, for I have transgressed

It appears I have committed a faux-pas. 😳

The good news is, I have learned something. That something is invaluable and, apparently, vital in the vast social internet that is WordPress.

You see, I created an impromptu and fun little contest showcasing a few pictures of my Boston trip before disclosing the location. This happened on Instagram and some readers from here follow me there, too.

Boy were there some interesting guesses… East Canada, Quebec, Switzerland, Iceland… 😃

But one person guessed correctly, based on, I believe, a reflection of an image I presented.

This guy:


As I have been led to understand, when one makes correct guesses in impromptu and fun little contests, the least one can expect is a poignant shout-out.


I did not know this but now I do and so do you. 😛

The deet-covered, aptly-dressed Wisconsinite in the picture is well known to me and many of you, as we have followed and supported and commented on one another’s blogs for years. He’s posted this picture, but with his dad next to him, on Instagram to let us all know how deeply frustrated he is with the endless swarms of mosquitos plaguing him in his newly acquired backyard.

This is the one problem I too have with nature – the bugs are attracted to me like moths to a flame and I spend days suffering from itchy, hive-y, ugly bites all over my body, including areas covered by layers of clothing.

That’s the main reason I refuse to go camping, too. Boo.

So anyway, if you’d like to see Mark in various displays of social media poses or read his words across personal and professional platforms, you can visit his blog or Instagram and tell him Claudette from WriterOfWordsEtc sent you.


Thank you for reading! We will now resume regular programming.


11 thoughts on “Forgive me, for I have transgressed

  1. Only Mark would go to those extremes to save himself from mosquitos! Good god Mark I braved those beasts every summer as a kid and looked like I had measles with all the bites I got. I think Mark needs to man up, but it was courteous of you Claudette to right the injustice done 😉

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