Could somebody explain this to me?

I’m in a house with a college prof and two high school students.

At the beginning of the school year, everyone received multiple packs of pencils. I know this because I bought them.

I even bought a pack for myself. I placed a few in a jar next to my computer on the days I visit the family. I also left a pencil next to the notepad on the counter where we jot down items we need from the grocery store.

The pencil next to the grocery pad is always missing. It is missing again today.

Why is that?

When I ask questions about the missing pencil they turn around and say they’re busy and they don’t want to hear my complaining and yada yada yada.

It’s not really just about the pencil. It’s an accumulation of little things that hack away at me. First, it’s the pencil, then it’s the notepad, one of many strategically placed around the house. Why remove the one on the counter? Or, why not return it?

Ugh. I dislike looking for stuff. I just want to take what I need from the place it belongs, use it, and put it back. It’s not rocket science.

I shouldn’t let stupid things get to me.

And yet today, the pencil is gone. Again.

The jar with my pencils is also empty of pencils. Where are all the pencils?

It’s maddening. And reminds me we have the same problem with scissors. No amount of replenishing scissors from cheap places like IKEA keeps the scissors in the scissors jar.

I don’t understand what is happening.

So anyway, joke’s on them because I was going to copy down a chocolate cake recipe I received in Boston a couple of weeks ago. The recipe was a mixture of German and English and different weight measures between metric and imperial. All I wanted to do was write down everything in one format. This was going to lead to chocolate cake baking which now, given I have no pencil to write down the notes, is not going to happen.

I wasn’t going to remove the pencil, you understand. I was going to use it in that location and then put it back in that location when I was done.

But there was no pencil. And there is now also no chocolate cake. So this entire stupid post is moot.


PS. If you suggest I use a pen instead, you miss the point of this post and I might block you. πŸ˜›

PPS. The yellow pencil from the counter was found on a bookshelf underneath some junk mail. I know it was the counter pencil by its colour – the other pencils the kids use, for instance, are blue. But, I have some questions, like, why are we keeping junk mail and why is the pencil underneath the junk mail and nowhere near a note pad where the pencil could be used to write things on?

The entire thing confuses me. πŸ˜›


27 thoughts on “Could somebody explain this to me?

  1. Your expectations of someone else following what makes sense to you is the issue. My husband is never going to organize like me and I can’t expect him to….what’s logical to one isn’t necessarily logical to someone else

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  2. Oh the pages I could write about this. I spend the first HOUR every day putting things back. Then through the day they go to hell again. EVERY DAY. It’s the thoughtlessness of it that annoys me. The complete disregard of so many people to think about anything or anybody outside of what they are doing.

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  3. “Where the heck did I put that?” “It has to be somewhere?” Why would I put it there?” I drives me crazy when I lose things. I try to always put things back in the same place. Yeah, I try.

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    1. I think we all misplaced things of times. But the discrepancy between the family members and myself is very very wide apart. Couple that with a tiny house the size of an apartment and 2 out of 4 pack rats… It gets difficult sometimes. πŸ₯΄

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  4. Oh I love this and relate to it. We have pens that vanish in this house. I used to blame it on the cats who’d knock them on the floor, but the cats are no more. Now I’ve decided it’s gremlins who move my favorite pens around. That’s reasonable right?

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  5. I’m laughing about you blocking anyone that suggests using a pen. It’s too bad you can’t write all them a note about the deliciousness they are missing and put it on the fridge.

    I wonder if this is related to the no one wants to play in a messy room or with toys that are already out conundrum. Everyone wants to play in the cleaned up space with the boxed up toys but no one wants to clean/box them. Hmmm…

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  6. Try to remind yourself that one day you will be able to enter your children’s homes, use something, put it down anywhere you like and leave. It will then be their problem to find it or not depending on how much they need/want it and you can go home to what makes you happy and content- ie: putting things back where they belong πŸ™‚ This only works however if you can consciously let go of your need to replace in the correct spot when visiting them in their own space. Start practicing now!

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  7. This is my life in a nutshell so I feel you. I really do. My husband never EVER returns things to their proper places. I’ve spent half my married life chasing them down.

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  8. Oh my, you have found my button, and managed to push it! Every Fall I buy new yellow pencils, I sharpen them beautifully. I place them neurotically about the house, by summer, they are gone! Like Gone Girl…poof. Same with the scissors! WTF, sorry for sort of cussing. How hare is it to put my tools back where you found them, that’s all, or no chocolate cake! Extra hugs for you today, C

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  9. any chance the grocery list is near the edge of the counter? I recently discovered 3 missing writing utensils on the floor by the fridge. I think they rolled off the list and down the crack.

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    1. It is at an edge but on the island and not near appliances. πŸ˜‰ If the pencil rolled down it would be on the floor and would have a ways to go to end up underneath something. Anyway, I found one of the pencils buried under some junk mail someone left on the bookshelf. I threw out the junk mail (why are we keeping it?) and placed the pencil back in its spot. I knew it was the counter pencil because it was yellow – all my pencils and the kids’ school pencils are blue.


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