Vacation chronicles – part 2

Over on Instagram some of my followers looked at my pictures and guessed my vacation destination as follows:

  • Switzerland
  • Bermuda Triangle Mark’s suggestion because of course it is 😎
  • Quebec
  • Eastern Canada
  • Iceland
  • Portugal How did you come up with that Scarlett? 😀
  • England
  • Harvard University which is what Deb suggested based on the pictures of the library.

Deb was close… Although I didn’t make it into Cambridge where Harvard is located, I made a brief stop at Boston University, and the library I visited was Boston Public Central Library at Copley Square.

I ♥️ Boston!

So much going through my head.

I’m currently sitting in my house back in the city of Toronto where I live/don’t live with the family. (Regular readers know what this means.)

The return trip yesterday was complicated by delays, and when we finally arrived at Pearson International Airport we had no gate and were stuck on the tarmac for over an hour. Plus, the little carry-on suitcase I borrowed from my son had a broken handle causing me some unwanted stress by having to carry rather than pull the stupid thing across the miles of airport hallways. Once we finally did get off the plane, we cleared customs relatively quickly, but even though everything was electronic and despite the so-called modern conveniences, we still had to go through several officials who double- and triple checked our papers.

A lot of hurry up and wait. 😐

Side note: this was the very first trip ever in decades of travel where I had to remove my shoes while clearing security both in Toronto and in Boston. Some of you know I’ve been a flight attendant in the mid- 1990s; that was before 9/11 and no one ever asked us to remove our shoes. I hadn’t traveled very much during my child rearing years between 2005 and 2018, but did cross the borders occasionally before the babies came, and again in 2019; not once have I ever had to remove my shoes during all those trips. Except this time.

Also, the US customs lady in Canada, an airport that pre-clears visitors to America so we don’t have to worry about it upon landing, was rude to me. She stood there and yelled at everybody all the directions she wanted us to follow. I could tell she was exasperated. Although it didn’t bother me at the time, I remembered it later because I thought about all the little old senior citizens who were already confused by all the electronics who might get treated that way when they don’t follow an order promptly.

What happened to me was she mentioned something about putting the cell phone in a separate container, you know those plastic bins they want you to put your stuff into as it gets run through the scanners? While she yelled those orders, she also demanded we take off our shoes and continued to yell random instructions at everyone in the line. So, while I bent down to take off my shoes, she kept yelling at me about my phone in my hand.

“Hello, hello?” I heard a couple of times. Her voice had a clear air of irritation. “Put your phone in the bin with your knapsack!”

I looked up confused and she repeated her demand while pointing.

Yes, I was confused because earlier she had said to put the phone in a separate bin…

More than once did I think to myself I’m not an amateur traveler… But, they certainly made me feel that way at times. Geez.

My sister and my mom were ahead of me, and my sister watched us both like a hawk. She travels a lot for business, so she stepped forward and told the lady “she has a hearing loss” while pointing toward me, which calmed the inspector lady down a little. Sheesh.

Anyway, we got through security at both airports with minimal lineups, so that was a plus. I guess Mother’s Day weekend is not a very busy travel weekend for most people… And our return trip was on a Monday which is also a light travel day. Other than the delay coming back home, the flights were smooth and pleasant.

But those annoying incidents were reserved to Pearson and Logan airports and not to the rest of our vacation. I suspect everybody knows airports are a necessary evil one endures and tolerates in order to get to one’s vacation destination. 🤷‍♀️

There was absolutely nothing about the rest of my short trip that was even remotely annoying, so hang on to your hat, I will be posting some stories with pictures.

But first, I have to fix my shop. I put it on vacation mode, and once I checked its status while in our hosts’ home in Boston, my shop gave these notifications:

I’m extremely unhappy about this. Etsy is relatively expensive to maintain, and given my small but international customer base who often like to leave reviews for me, I am thoroughly unimpressed that I can’t even take a short break without the store having some issue. If no one can access my shop or is misled by these notices, it impacts my business negatively. And, I was unable to show my store to my hosts who showed an active interest in my creative endeavors. 😥

Let’s hope it’s a small glitch.

So… Let me get my photos organized and then I’ll share my trip adventures.

Thank you for stopping by my blog today! You can read part 1 and part 2 by clicking the links.


12 thoughts on “Vacation chronicles – part 2

  1. There’s something about those ancient MA academic institutions! At least I was in the correct state with my guess 🙂 I find it makes me cranky when the visit to wherever goes well and is fun and then the experience with travel mars the whole good part- especially delays and then sitting waiting to deplane. Glad you had a good time!

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