Vacation chronicles – part 1

While on vacation out of town with my mom and my sister, I teased people over on Instagram with photos and invited readers to guess my location.

All I said in my previous post was we took a plane (Airbus 220-300 series) and flew east.

Starting point was YYZ (Toronto).


Stay tuned. I’ll divulge more whenever I feel like it. 😎

Here are a few glimpses:

Our hosts are Swiss (her) and Guatemalan (him). The Swiss lady and my mom went to school together in Uster, Switzerland, the small city where I was raised during my formative years.

Note: we did not fly to Switzerland for the weekend. 😉

My mom and her friend maintained regular contact for 60+ years via letters, email and phone calls. Mom wasn’t sure whether she was ready to travel again (she used to travel regularly to Switzerland), especially because on her last trip a, she broke her leg and required surgery. Finally, my mom relented and agreed to a visit mostly because my sister pushed and pestered her. (She’s an Aries ♈) 🥴

Mom invited me to join, and so a weekend mini vacation was born. All we had to do was wait for my sister to finish a work thing on Friday and by Saturday lunch time, we were on a plane.

Today is Monday and our trip is almost over. We spent a day and a half visiting and sight seeing and I have many pictures, impressions and stories to tell.

Our return flight is scheduled to depart around mid-afternoon. I’m sitting in the sun-flooded living room of our generous hosts with my sister, typing into my blog. I can hear mom and her friend chattering away in Swiss German, a dialect perfected only by the true Swiss. It was interesting, to say the least, to converse over dinner with this lovely couple; all of us are multilingual, but mostly we spoke German and English.

Stay tuned…

Thank you for stopping by my blog.


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