Life in the suburbs: flat tires, robust seniors and planetary interference – part 2

Read part 1 here.

Yesterday I left off with my mom, the recently turned 79 year old birthday lady, entering the house announcing she walked home from her appointment 4.9 km away. While still on fast. She hasn’t eaten anything since about 6 pm the previous night and it was now going on 1 pm.

She was fine. 😀

I made her soup and a sandwich and cut-up vegetables and carried the tray to the tv room where she sat and watched a show.

Then I made her a coffee and gave her a bit of leftover dessert from the family visits of the previous week.

As she updated me on her appointment, we talked about the car. She said she would call Honda in a bit and find out what’s going on.

I went back to my Etsy shop and did some photography.

Around mid-afternoon, I got an update.

“There is absolutely nothing wrong with the tire,” mom began.


“They took it off, checked it, put it back on, waited, checked it again, and there was no air leak, slow or otherwise,” she continued


“He said they’ll put it under water now just to be sure.”

“Are you sure they took the right wheel off?” I asked and she said yes.

“Miguel said they checked all the other tires too, and also took all the lock bolts off.”

“Oh,” I said.

What is happening? Could I have been mistaken?

I took my phone out and looked at the picture of the semi-flat tire. I remembered the pumping of the tire and how different it looked after. And I looked at the pic I took of the pressure gauge which said 12 psi, which is low.

Mom said she’s been with this same mechanic since 2007 and they always treated her very professionally.

We decided to wait for the next update.

It came at 4:50 pm.

“There is absolutely nothing wrong with any of the tires,” she said and took her coat out of the closet. “They checked everything including the valve, put all four tires in water, nothing.”

“Oh,” I said again.


“The shuttle is coming in four minutes to pick me up,” she continued. “They’re sending an Uber.”

And off she went.

While she was gone, I ruminated over this car situation as I cooked dinner (hamburger patties in demi-glace gravy, roasted sweet potato, salad with cut up veggies, feta cheese and pumpkin seeds). I also thought about the other mishaps I’ve experienced recently, namely dropping my phone and having to replace it, and a few minor tech issues with a couple of apps.

I pulled up my phone and looked up Mercury retrograde. 😛

It started April 21, several days ago.

Perhaps it’s unfair to blame the cosmos for our issues, but how else can you explain what happened?

When mom got back she said they were very thorough and thoughtful and then announced how much she was charged.

“Nothing,” she said. “They treat me very well there.”

Well if that’s not a happy ending I don’t know what is. 😀

The next morning (today), I checked the car. The tires are fine.


As far as the lock bolts were concerned, they were all removed and thrown out. We were assured we could now put the spare wheel on at any time and should not have any problems.

Let’s hope this doesn’t happen. I really don’t want to deal with car trouble again. 🙃

So there you have it. That was the latest adventure coming out of the burbs.

Thank you for reading!

4 thoughts on “Life in the suburbs: flat tires, robust seniors and planetary interference – part 2

  1. Glad things worked out and at no cost! Dealing with a car place is typically a huge headache. That place is great. Weird about the tire- maybe faulty valve cap or just not tightened enough?? Whatever it was shall probably remain a mystery.

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