My driver is broken

Look. I’m a hockeymom, ok? Been sitting in cold rinks for 14 plus years. I know hockey and all the related terminology like I know the back of my hand.

I also was, for many years, a baseball mom. Baseball doesn’t exist in Switzerland where I spent my formative years, so that was an even bigger learning curve for me than hockey in terms of the lingo they use to describe things related to baseball.

What I’m saying is, I know hockey and baseball terminology.

So when my teenager tells me his driver is broken, I don’t know what this means. I immediately thought about broken cars. The word driver, to me, is automobile related.

I was wrong.

This is not news. I am often wrong.

Meanwhile, I have learned something new.

It appears a ‘driver’ is a type of golf club. 😀

I learned something else, too.

I did not know that you can break a driver, which is a type of golf club. 😛


So I guess now a new chapter has begun. With my son finished with rep hockey, and an ignited interest in recreational golf, I will no doubt be inaugurated to a whole slew of new terminology.

Yippie do.


24 thoughts on “My driver is broken

  1. Your life has been so full of lots of experience and places! I do admire that and dream of the places you’ve lived! I know nothing of hockey. Zero. But I grew up golfing with my Dad so I know driver! Happy Friday!

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      1. The driver is used to hit the ball a great distance, the putter is used to hit the ball in the hole. There are different weights of clubs for greater distance being 2nd hand it was probably worn he could have dislodged the head of the club.

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