New product listed in BoldlyChicBoutique, my Etsy shop

I have a new header over on my Etsy shop. ❤

I also have a few new listings. I dropped them into both of my Instagram accounts, BoldlyChicBoutiquebyClaudette and WriterOfWordsetc.

I created these crystal holders initially for my brother when he was diagnosed with a brain tumour. He is doing well a year later, and contemplating a return to work in the near future! The custom order requests are coming in from places like Australia, the USA and the Ottawa region in Canada. 🙂

You can browse my store and have a look at the ones pictured above which I listed this week. I have several more to list next week, stay tuned.

Abundance attracting earthy Citrine crystal holder with dragonfly charm

Citrine crystal included.

Abundance attracting Citrine crystal holder with butterfly charm

Citrine crystal included.

I have plenty of bracelets and similar items in my shop too. The first of several Rose Quartz designs was listed this week as well.

I love working with these delicate pink hued beads. What do you think of this trio?

Delicate pink Rose Quartz Trio bracelets

These items make unique and elegant Mother’s Day gifts.

Mother’s Day is North America is on Sunday May 14, 2023

Here’s another piece of news. I have a BoldlyChicBoutique TikTok. 🙃

I cross post on my regular WriterOfWordsEtc TikTok. That was my first account I used to get familiar with things, and it’s also where I post Tucker shenanigans. 😀 For instance, I returned to the house for a couple of days this week and discovered freshly dug holes all over the backyard… 🤯

Want to watch that clip? Click here.

I have to come to the realization that video in social media is how people want to be informed of things they want to buy. I don’t mind, I’m getting used to making short clips and using the provided templates, and it does add a new creative dynamic… But unfortunately for me, TikTok does not allow active links until you have a 1000 followers, and sadly, neither of my accounts is at that number.

Still, I enjoy the app and at times use it to relax, not just for business purposes. (The Schitts’ Creek clips are hilarious, and so are The Golden Girls.😂)

Creating business videos is, however, a little bit time consuming.

The good news is I enjoy taking photos. I enjoy staging. I enjoy designing and making jewelry or crafting with birch bark. And I enjoy loading those items into video apps such as TikTok or Reels on Instagram.

I would really appreciate it if you would take a moment to visit my shop and look around, maybe like an item or two. Visits from external sources (outside of Etsy) helps my shop to grow. Thank you in advance.


I did experiment a little with a newsletter some time ago, and I believe some of my regular, long-time readers here had received that newsletter. I may return to that method of advertising when I get my new website set up (this account is expiring in May) and by then I hope to have learned how to create a sign-up widget. 🙂

So, thank you for reading my post and looking at my pictures. If you’d like to follow my shop or like some items, please do so here:

And if you’d like to buy a product, or send me a custom order request, you can do so here in the comments, contact me via my website email here.


6 thoughts on “New product listed in BoldlyChicBoutique, my Etsy shop

    1. Booktok is huge but don’t ask me how to get thousands of followers. To activate any links you need a business account and 1000 followers.

      Still, have a look around some of the hashtags and if you discover something, maybe share it. 😉

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