Puzzling over meaningful coincidences

A couple of days ago I had a very vivid dream. I dreamt I found some coins on the front steps of my house. One coin in particular caught my attention because it was unusually big, almost the size of the palm of my hand, yet it had that unmistakable look of money.

In the dream, I carried it into the house to ask some indeterminate person what kind of coin this was. The kids weren’t around, but their dad usually is although I didn’t see him in the dream.

There was no continuation in terms of identifying the coin or who the person was I was talking to (he never appeared in my line of vision), so I left the house again and went to pick up the other coins I saw out there on the steps.

There were three more. These were regular sized coins, like the kind we have in our wallets.

That was the end of the dream.

I woke up that morning feeling like the dream was a message of sorts. But what did it mean?

When I turned on my phone later that morning, I noticed a notification announcing some action on my Etsy shop: there was an order, and two new favorites.

That made me happy and I got immediately busy working on the order.

That’s a lie. First, I made breakfast and lunch for the teens and then tidied up and then showered and then walked Tucker because everyone was out of the house and he gave me the puppy-eyes look of deep-seated neglect… 😀

The dream fizzed into the background as the daily activity level increased as it usually does. It wasn’t until much later, after I went to bed, when I recalled just how vivid that image of the big hand-sized coin was. I also recalled the smaller coins I picked up later (in the dream). What denomination were they? I couldn’t remember but they looked like nickles or quarters.

I puzzled over the dream once again wondering why the images were so vivid. What did it mean? Did it mean something?

I had this nagging feeling it was a message of some sort.

Sitting there in my bed I turned off my phone’s wifi and turned on dark mode so I could read an ebook for a while. I noticed the battery was a bit low, so I reached down to the power bar next to the bed to plug it in.

As I fiddled with the plug I noticed some dust bunnies. I had been meaning to do some vacuuming in that room but hadn’t gotten around to it. Of course I couldn’t ignore them, so I went to get a damp paper towel to wipe up the area next to my bed and near the power bar.

Kneeling and crawling around the narrow area between the bed and the shelf on the wall I reached under as far as my arm could go and brought all the dust forward.

Just as I was about to roll it into the paper towel I noticed something shiny in my peripherals.

A nickel.

I picked it up and put it on the night table when I noticed another one underneath the night table. I picked it up too and put it next to the first one.

Weird, I thought, and glanced at the nearby shelf to check if maybe those were the coins I had used to play iChing with a while back.

Holding the dirty paper towel in my hand I began to leave the room to dispose of it when suddenly I stepped on something. I glanced down, and there was another nickel.

I stared at it for a moment before I picked it up and placed it next to the other two. Yes, they must have been my iChing nickels, I affirmed to myself and only then did I make the connection to the three coins in my dream.

Three nickels.

Was this a message? I thought not for the first time.

The large, unidentifiable coin could be the Etsy order which was a larger monetary amount than a few nickels. Plus, just a few days earlier I had three additional orders, so perhaps that was a subconscious reminder that I had received money from that particular income stream.


Or, it could mean abundance in some form was in the works, and this was a reminder to stay focused and on track with my current work. I can always use encouragement in that department; it’s so easy to get sidetracked when there’s a lot going on. (There’s always a lot going on…) 🙃

But wait, there’s more!
There’s another part to this strange event in my life.

Later that same day I pulled some tarot cards and put it out on TikTok (click here to see the short clip). But, it wasn’t until I sat down to type this post that I made the connection how the dream, the coins on the floor and now the cards were all linked to the same theme.

These were the two cards that came out:

Ten of Wands

Hard work, extra responsibilities, overwhelm, burden, completion.

Work is almost done, tired and overwhelmed, but close to the finish line (see the village within walking distance)… it’s almost time to rest. (I have been diligently working on stocking my shop with jewelry and birch bark.)

King of Pentacles

Wealth and money, discipline, abundance, leadership.

King is surrounded by abundance, wealth, security. He’s holding his most precious coin on his lap symbolizing a life of work well done and now it’s time to enjoy the fruits of his labours. (When I see the notifications that I have received some income from one of my income streams, I feel all of these sentiments.)

Do you see the theme that prevails?
The dream, the physical coins on the floor, the extra income flowing in, and the tarot cards?

I see an obvious connection although I didn’t see it when each event happened independently. Only days later, when I felt a calling to type out the dream, did I see how all of these messages tied together for me.

I don’t know what to tell you, but I am listening and tuning in. There is something in the vibrations around me that is alerting my subconscious mind to pay attention. I’m tuning in to my intuition to allow clarity to emerge.

I believe that the universe is constantly communicating with us and that we pick up on all these different vibrations around us. There are signs and messages guiding us along the way if only we would open our eyes and mind and pay attention.

Having said that, I’m still formulating what all this means. What I do know is that the coincidences – the vivid dream about the coins, finding the exact number of small coins in my room, the added boost in my Etsy shop, the seemingly appropriate tarot cards – appear to be linked, and, at least on some level, meaningful to me.

I have more to share on this topic. Stay tuned!

Thank you for reading my post today. See you in the comments.


10 thoughts on “Puzzling over meaningful coincidences

    1. One person said the three nickels, which are worth 5 cents each, has a numerological message (5 5 5)… Synchronicity and numerology are often closely related.

      Thanks for sharing the link! I appreciate your suggestions too, more to ponder.


  1. I don’t believe in coincidences. These were signs, and it’s awesome that you recognized them! I think your interpretation is pretty spot-on, too.

    If you have any insight into Wisconsin lottery numbers, feel free to send those my way.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Maybe instead of a monetary message, it’s a message about unexpected surprises, something you don’t understand now, but will eventually learn about (the odd coin). Or you need to buy a lotto ticket! Cover all bases! Hugs, C

    Liked by 1 person

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