Mixing business and pleasure

On Sunday I took Tucker to visit mom in the burbs. I had to fill three custom orders for my Etsy shop but all my supplies were at her house, not in my city house, so off we went.

When we pulled into the driveway, Tucker began his usual song and dance at the rear window, except he was running back and forth the entire length of the backseat. The dog harness seat belt thing I had him attached to wasn’t supposed to give him that much leeway. I looked closer and noticed he somehow got himself loose from the safety belt.

I don’t know how he did it because he didn’t fidget on the drive the way he usually does. He must have done a weird turn or something to manage to escape the contraption. Anyway no harm done, nothing bad happened, but it was perplexing. Little Houdini, Sir Tucker the Beaglehound. πŸ˜‰

Mom made me a coffee while I messaged with my customer clarifying some specifics about her order, then I started working. Tucker got to go on a long walk with Grandma, so I had to house to myself for a bit and managed to get everything done without interruptions.

I love that. πŸ₯°

This is what the final product of the custom order looked like:

Special order based on items seen in my Etsy shop Boldly Chic Boutique

I love making little presents for my customers! She ordered birch bark to incorporate into her art and paintings, so I selected mixed-sized pieces: larger and longer ones which she can use to write on, and smaller ones to use in her art.

Check out my selection of birch bark in my shop

Next, she ordered a zodiac necklace which matches her sign. That’s in the little hand-sized baggie.

Lastly, she ordered the Heal my Heart healing crystal necklace and mini bottle of birch bark and love secret message, along with some mini tarot cards.

These tiny tarot cards were printed on sticker paper.

Because they were custom orders, I was able to personalize the entire thing, and this gave my creativity a much-needed boost. I love creating things like this, and I love making people happy!

I decided to create a custom order prototype and poster to load into my Etsy shop sometime this week. But first, I need my defective keyboard fixed on my laptop. I can still use the laptop while I wait for the technician to come over by plugging an external keyboard into my computer, but it’ll be nice to get this done. Luckily my laptop is still under warranty; they don’t make stuff to last long anymore, do they… 😐

So, my week in the city is shaping up to be a busy one. I’m transitioning the kids into their second semester by helping them adjust to a new routine, and hopefully after this week I can return to my shop in the burbs and dedicate some time to building my made to order prototypes.

Meanwhile, I’ll keep stocking my shop. It’s a little time consuming but I figured out how to copy and paste a template so things are looking up.

Finally, before returning to the city, I went grocery shopping. As I sat in the parking lot at the Farm Boy in Bronte, a guy walked past me wearing shorts and a hoodie.

Shorts. πŸ˜‚

I stared at his long, bare legs (he was tall) and wondered where he was going dressed like that. Probably not far, maybe to a local pub for grub or something.

That’s Canada for you; people walking around in shorts as soon as the temperature rises to around the freezing mark. πŸ˜ŽπŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦πŸ˜€

He wasn’t a teenager (don’t get me started about what teens wear during cold weather πŸ₯΄). I noticed he had come from the luxury condos across from the Rexall parking lot… probably just rolled out of bed in search of food. This little scene flashed me back to my University days at the dorm; rolling out of bed and casually wandering to the nearest cafeteria or tavern, dressed in shorts or sweatshirts no matter the weather.

Thank you for stopping by my blog today! Don’t forget to check my store for new listings. I loaded some illusion bracelets into my shop this morning. Have a look!

Sold separately or together with a discount. Click here for the listing.

See you in the comments.


22 thoughts on “Mixing business and pleasure

  1. We’ve had heavy rain for days and finally the sun made an appearance this afternoon. I drove downtown and it looks as if we’re in the middle of summer. The restaurants are packed, bars full, people strolling the shops. It’s as if they just came out of lockdown. I think we have societal PTSD! Hugs, C

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