Tucker the Beaglehound’s disrupted morning routine

Two days of the week when I spend time in the city family house it is my responsibility to take Tucker for his morning walk.

Here’s the issue.


I like coffee in the morning before I start my day. And I like two cups of coffee before I start my day.

Which is, as many people know, a problem when you have a bladder the size of a coffee bean.

I plan around this morning walk dilemma by getting up earlier and finishing my second cup at least an hour prior to walking the dog.

Unless I sleep a little longer after a night of late practice. For instance, Sonja’s ringette practice ends at 10 pm on Wednesday nights and the rink is 15-20 minutes away, which makes my bedtime much later than usual.

Which is why I’m currently sitting on the couch this Thursday morning at 8:44 am with a hound on my lap.

I’m in my fluffy warm housecoat because I’m already showered, ready to start my day. It’s just taking a little longer today…

Tucker is trained to understand certain commands, and his least favorite one is “you have to wait” followed closely by “stay here”.

I told him to wait earlier, so to show his displeasure, he made himself extra comfortable on top of me.

Before he found his comfort though, he nudged my phone out of my hand with his wet nose. He didn’t do that with my coffee cup which either means he is more intelligent than we might suspect, or he got burnt once. Or, possibly, he doesn’t like the scent of coffee… 🤷‍♀️

Earlier, when I got out of the shower, I found him like this:

Meanwhile, my typing into my phone has disrupted the expected levels of comfort for the hound boy and he relocated to burrow into a bunch of pillows with added dramatic effect of hiding his face away from me.

So, my coffee is done and I figure by the time I dry my hair and dress in multiple layers because it’s very cold out today, I’ll have voided my bladder enough times to attempt the walk.

He has a hard life, doesn’t he.🙃

Here’s the Tucker clip on TikTok. You’re welcome. 😎 https://vm.tiktok.com/ZMYFqhxUq/

Thank you for stopping by. Off I go to start my day.


17 thoughts on “Tucker the Beaglehound’s disrupted morning routine

  1. I loved this story. I too have to have my two cups of coffee before I will do just about anything so I totally get it. Remember, you are the human, your needs are priority! Tucker can wait for you to complete your morning routine. I wholeheartedly approve! Carry on…hugs, C

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  2. Once, many years ago when Sydney was young, I set down my coffee to attend to some matter elsewhere in the house. When I returned, I found her face-deep in my mug, slurping away the coffee. I had no idea cats even liked the stuff!

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