Selling Lego mini figures in Belle Chasse, Louisiana

I learned something today: I live in Louisiana. 😀

Did you know this?

Me either.

But according to Facebook Marketplace, this is my location from whence I sell Lego.

I double checked my postal code in all my listings. Canada’s postal codes contain letters and numbers, similar as in the UK (I think). However, the last time I checked an American address (and I check frequently as I ship to the USA for my etsy shop), there are no letters in zip codes.

My postal code in my listings was correct, so how Facebook determined my location was Belle Chasse I have no idea. Sounds like a place in Quebec, actually, which is also ridiculous but at least still in Canada. (There is a Bellechasse in Quebec but it’s spelled as one word, not two.)

Fun fact: From Toronto the trip to the Quebec border is approximately 6 hours in a car driving 100 km/hour pending clear roads and no accidents blocking the way. Google maps informs me it will take 19 hours and 25 minutes to drive to Belle Chasse and gives me a bunch of warnings:

This route has tolls.
This route crosses a country border: Verify COVID-19 restrictions.
Your destination is in a different time zone.

Well I knew that already… 🙄

Belle Chasse in Louisiana sounds like a hot, sunny place. Maybe I should go there sometime. Maybe if it keeps snowing up here, I might plan a trip to Louisiana…

Anyway, I fixed the location on all the previously published items on Markeplace, including the most recent one, which is a Lego family ca 1974.

Those were the original mini-figures. 🙂

Marketplace is slow these days in terms of selling used items including Lego, which isn’t surprising given Christmas was last month and everyone is even shorter of cash today than they were then… But you never know, maybe someone will want to pick up some vintage mini-figures at some point.

If you know someone who likes 1970s vintage Lego, have them send me a comment or email (see my contact info) and I’ll see what I can do. I also have a Shell gas station from around that time…

I’ll keep trying to offload these toys.

Meanwhile, if you’ve been to Belle Chasse or anywhere in Louisiana, send me some info on where to go and stay, and what to eat, I could use a vacation in a sunny, warm place.

Thank you for stopping by! See you in the comments!


11 thoughts on “Selling Lego mini figures in Belle Chasse, Louisiana

  1. I visited New Orleans, Louisiana with a friend for the first time in January of 2022, and I look forward to going back! The food and culture are amazing and there are so many sights to see. I highly recommend going on some of the free foot tours, in particular, the Voodoo history tour.

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  2. I remember playing with many of those legos when I was a boy. I didn’t own any, because according to my dad, we were too poor. At some point, he did manage to buy me a set of “brix blox” instead.

    Yeah… you’re a haul from Louisiana!!

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  3. Well some technical aspect of your internet service seems to be confused. There’s that IP address thing that is supposed to correlate with your internet provider and your devices location. I know I am often told that I, and my laptop, are slightly south or extremely north of where I actually am, but never in a different state, or country for that matter!

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