What do the blindfolds mean in the tarot

There are two cards in the tarot deck which depict a woman wearing a blind fold. Both are part of the suit of swords.

Neither of these women are completely helpless. Do you see that? The woman in the Eight of Swords may have her arms bound but the implied fence of the swords doesn’t completely surround her. She could walk, tentatively perhaps, around and noticed she is not actually entrapped.

What’s more, if she brushes up against a sword, it could, theoretically, cut the bondage off her. Once her arms are free, all she has to do is remove the blindfold.

But the blindfold implies something more than just an inability to see.

What are you choosing not to see?
What if you’re in denial, or resisting something?

The other card, the Two of Swords, shows a similar dilemma, except in this case, the woman’s hands are free. If she would just put her swords down for a moment, she could remove the blindfold.

But she doesn’t. Instead, she sits there on her carved stone seat, with a lake with rocky islands behind her, balancing her swords in perfect harmony.

She doesn’t look particularly stressed to me. In fact, she gives the impression of giving weight to different sides of a problem. Or, she can’t see (or refuses to see) the problem. Sitting there in silence contemplating her options, maybe she is incapable of seeing the problem which also renders her incapable of seeking a solution. She knows she’s at an impasse because she uses her swords to find balance between right and wrong or good and bad.

Personal experience

The Two of Swords card came out a few times for me in recent days. I was challenged with a decision I was trying to make, and this card helped me see how deeply affected I was by the decision I was resisting making. My issue was this:

I was invited to participate in a 12-week seminar designed to equip me with tools to help a personal situation going forward. I participated in about 8 or 9 of these and found them helpful to a degree, but began to attach too much personal involvement into the plights of others. I found it difficult to process the information coming at me, not because it wasn’t insightful or helpful, but because it was too much. I heard the stories from some of the other participants and became extremely emotional, to a point of being unable to sleep.

Maybe it’s the fact that I am an HSP (Highly Sensitive Person) – I found the days leading up to the seminar stressful. Would I encounter another heartbreaking story that would leave me sleepless for days? Will my fear that similar circumstances in my own family will cause me to lash out in an attempt to self-protect?

The information I gathered, the tools I amassed, they will remain with me going forward. It bothered me that I was considering quitting a seminar before it was finished – I am not typically a quitter.

But my mental and emotional health was affected. I was overwhelmed and anxious thinking about the weekly seminar and decided to take a break one week.

That’s when the Two of Swords came out each time I shuffled my cards for the sake of seeking clarity.

Did it help?

In a way, it did. I felt exactly like the woman in the Two of Swords card. I was sitting there with my blindfold, which I placed over my eyes myself, and focused on my emotional state. (The water behind the woman points to emotions and feelings). I was weighing the pros and cons of staying vs leaving early. And I finally decided to make a decision and stick with it, no matter the reaction of others.

This is a glimpse of my interpretation of these two tarot cards. Deeper analysis of some tarot cards or readings can be found here. Tarot is meant to provide guidance and clarity by tapping into your subconscious or intuitive part of you, and not meant to replace professional help.

12 thoughts on “What do the blindfolds mean in the tarot

    1. Thank you for sharing. I don’t believe the Tarot cards can predict anything. I use the Tarot cards to read current energies that help tap into our intuition and help us gain clarity when we’re feeling stuck or confused. But I will leave your comment and link up for anyone who wishes to check out your website from my blog. Best regards,


  1. Interesting. I found that I was distracted by the moon in the 2-of-Swords image. It is in an incorrect impossible orientation towards the earth. And then I began thinking/imaginang about the moon’s (our past) pulling within our soul and ways it can be distorting for perceiving what is coming to meet us.

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    1. The moon distracted me too, and its connection to the water (tides). Typically Swords represent Air energy (thoughts, intellect, tension) but there’s a lot of emotion available in that card, with the moon (illusion) and water (feelings).

      Thank you for contributing to the conversation!

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      1. Oh. Didn’t know Swords relates to Air. Then maybe the incorrect moon indicates an errant concept of some sort which is acting as obstacle. Or maybe the artist didn’t know… seems unlikely.

        Welcome 🙂


      2. Elements:

        Swords are air
        Cups are water
        Wands are fire
        Pentacles (coins) are earth

        I’m not a huge fan of the art itself on the traditional Rider-Waite deck, but I am learning so much about the symbolism. Such a fascinating journey. 😉

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  2. Intetesting… another possibility occurs to me. What if she has blindfolded herself? Swords being a card of Air/thought, maybe she wants to use her other senses, rather than what her eyes show her. The adage “Looks can be deceiving” comes to mind.
    I notice there is water in both cards.

    I don’t have all the cards memorized, I still have to look up the blurb that goes with each… mostly the number cards.

    Anyway, thank you! I don’t have a Rider-Waite deck so I forget about the nuances of the traditional images.

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    1. This is definitely a theme, the resistance, denial, or choosing not to see something, some aspect of reality maybe. So yes especially in the Two of Swords, it could very well mean that she blindfolded herself which is why she’s weighing the swords in front of a body of water to try to balance both thought and emotions.

      Isn’t it interesting how varied the interactions can be for each card?

      Always looking forward to your contribution, Angie.

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