Dog walking adventures with a golden Labrador

I’m walking a dog professionally this week, a half hour each morning after the kids have left for school.

Picking up the dog was no problem. I did struggle a little bit with the key, but she had told me during the meet and greet that the key sticks a little, that I have to wiggle it.

I managed to get inside so I decided to lock that door from the inside and leave with the dog from a side door which was lockable from inside as well.

When we got back from the long walk down to the lake in sunny but very cold weather, I stuck the key in the lock and wiggled like I did before.

Nothing happened.

I did it again, multiple times, and this time, the key wouldn’t even go all the way in.

The dog, a two-year-old 100-pound golden Lab, was getting a little fidgety and stuck his big head between my thigh and the door frame. This wasn’t helpful but I didn’t want to let go of him, so I motioned for him to walk a few steps toward the back of the porch where I fed him some kibble. He was a good boy, and while he was distracted by the treats, I tried the key again.


So, I took the dog to the side door and tried my key in that lock. Of course it didn’t work. Next, we went to the backyard and after a few minutes of trying to figure out how the gate on the top of the wooden deck works, I tried the sliding doors.

Locked, and the key didn’t fit, either. (I suspected that but still wanted to try.)

On the way back down the wooden steps I fell off the last one because the Lab was confused and he tugged a little, which surprised me. Meh. Last thing I need is a broken ankle.

I reassured the pooch that all was well and whipped out my phone.

“Are you still home?”

He was supposed to leave for a training flight, but he was still monitoring weather.

“Do we have any WD40?” I wanted to know and explained my predicament.

We did and so I took the confused Lab and promised him another mini walk. It just so happened that his house is only one street over from mine.

When I got to my house I noticed the car was gone so I knew his flight was on. But he left me the oil can in a plastic bag on the front porch for which I was grateful.

Pooch and I returned to his house and repeated the scenario: me with the key and him with the kibble.

I sprayed the WD40 into the key hole with that long, thin tube that it comes with, stuck the key in, and lo, it turned and opened the door.


The Lab was quite happy to enter his home, and I reassured him some more, gave him some more kibble, petted him, and promised I’d be back tomorrow morning for another walk.

Note to self for future dog walking adventures: always try the key out during meet and greets, and keep a can of WD40 in the car (if the dog walking is far away from my own home) to save the day if such a situation presents itself again.


16 thoughts on “Dog walking adventures with a golden Labrador

  1. What does walking a dog professionally entail? Dressing up in a fancy outfit with a clutch of pearls around your neck? Speaking politely (“Fido, would you kindly please fetch this stick and return it to me posthaste?”)? Carrying around the leash in a briefcase?

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  2. Wanna come walk my big Dumb Dog?? He has a good harness and only pulls 90% of the time🤪
    It’s chilly here too. Chilly for SoCal… like 16-17 C… it’s making my Raynaud’s act up… blue fingertips🤷🏼‍♀️😂😂


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