New and improved website home page

Check out my new homepage. I’ve streamlined much of my activity, and added a new platform for my writing, mainly to prevent imminent starvation. 🙃 (not really)

If you scroll down to the socials and click some of the links you’ll be treated to some French Bulldog shenanigans. Sadie is 9 and I’m sitting her for the week while her human is in Florida. I took her out of Tucker’s house because she was mean to him; he was cowering under the chair after she terrorized him, stole his kong, ate his bone, peed all over the house and barked at him. 🤯

Sadie in the penalty box. 🙂

Little Miss Alpha has been the perfect angel at my mom’s house, so don’t worry about Tucker, he is fine! Everyone is fine… 🙄

TikTok and Instagram have some clips that you might enjoy.


Thank you for stopping by my blog.